FASH 2015 Freedom / 6. July 2015

Lilly Bosse

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2015
Category Students

Wie fühlt sich die Spinne auf dem Herrenklo?

Our society has surrendered many liberties in favor of supposed security. The goal of the menswear collection “Wie fühlt sich die Spinne auf dem Herrenklo?” (“The Spider in the Mensroom”) is to trigger questions, associations and emotions – whether during observing, reading or wearing the pieces. The garments made of tweed, leather and cotton gauze are rough and robust. Chiffon and silk present flowing contradictions. Lines and symmetrical ele¬ments, the play with convex and concave shapes creates contrasts that coalesce. No distinction between front or back. Shades of grey replace thinking in black and white. Purposeful color accents become apparent only below the primary layers. Masks let the wearers appear like marionettes. Will we be free, if we take off the masks? “Freedom requires courage, so let us be courageous. Open your eyes! Open your ears! Open your mouth!”

Jury Statement The poetic menswear collection “Wie fühlt sich die Spinne auf dem Herrenklo?” (“The Spider in the Mensroom”) tells a story about social ties, control and manipulation, promises security and escape into inner worlds. Lilly Bosse dares to interpret the theme “Freedom” in a very personal way. She also provokes our imagination with her intuitive and associative project, challenges limits and asks questions that used to be realm of stage writers. Lilly Bosse is able to trigger emotions and root them in our memory. Almost incidentally she created a confident and modern male image, unburdened by gender stereotypes, using skillful techniques and a characteristic color selection. A major achievement! – Jury Member Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Adviser, Hennes & Mauritz, Stockholm

Education 11th Semester – Hochschule für Künste Bremen – University of the Arts Bremen
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations, Mentoring program, Mentor: Mads Dinesen
1,500 Euro prize money

Contact lilly.bosse@gmx.de / www.lillybosse.com

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/lilly-bosse-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/lilly-bosse-print.zip

FASH 2014 Rhythm / 11. January 2014

Young Sun Ko

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2014
Category Graduates

The Moon at Noon

The collection “The Moon at Noon – The Unfamiliar in the Familiar” is inspired by life between Asia and Europe. Both cultures, languages and eras merge together in blurred memories. The unfamiliar appears in the familiar and the familiar in the unfamiliar. The world appears twisted, changed, conjoined. The perspective changes and expands. Shapes and characteristics, stories and fantasies seem new. Reality becomes dream, and dreams suddenly become reality. Nothing remains the way it was. Aspects of the surreal make incredible beauty possible. Triangles, squares and circle collide with the human body in the 21-piece men’s and women’s collection. The abnormal silhouettes create new spaces. Dress and space, body and circle, corners and curves, white and yellow blend together to create a poetic collage.


Jury Statement The poetic project is based on a variety of influences and inspirations, such as personal experiences with the cultures of Korea and Germany, poetry by Ernst Jandel and Joachim Ringelnatz, or artists like Kafka und Erwin Wurm. Yet the result is not random, there is no “anything goes”. Young Sun Ko gets to the bottom of things, and her interpretation creates a new reality. Viewing patterns are disturbed and reinterpreted by her unconventional arrangements and proportions. The modern, stylish and artistically impressive collection is based on excellent patterns and highly skilled tailoring. — Jury member Robb Young, Fashion Journalist und Consultant, London

Education Diploma, Hochschule für Künste Bremen / University of Arts Bremen
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Prize Photo shoot with Gregor Hohenberg, catalogue, fashion show, media relations
2,000 Euro prize money

Contact mail@youngsunko.com

Download www.sdbi.de/download/young-sun-ko.zip

FASH 2013 SEXes / 19. January 2013

Kyoung eun Hong

Special Mention
European Fashion Award FASH 2013


The men’s collection “Insomnia” is inspired by sleeplessness (lat: insomnia) and its symptoms. Sufferers are exhausted and wide awake, overwrought and lethargic at the same time. The fabrics are covered in hand-cut hole patterns und put together layer upon layer upon layer – just like wearisome thoughts during a sleepless night. The pattern design was inspired by images of a brain in a waking state. The male image is reflected in this parallel world. In a sleepless state the man gives up his traditional role; fashion symbolically dissolves his masculinity. The outer layer was made of red and black neoprene, the inner layer features skin-colored silk, cotton and polyester. The garments are complemented by accessories like sandals molded from black resin, decreasing the speed of movement.

Jury Statement Kyoung eun Hong shows how something as grueling as insomnia can turn into something beautiful. Her collection “Insomnia” thrives on one star: a plain coat with a breathtakingly beautiful hidden hole pattern. The extremely precise work was performed on the shoulder, the section on a garment recognized as the technically most complex, which reflects a high degree of craftsmanship. The focus on this pattern and the good proportions are also impressive. This resulted in a very modern, stylish and artistically impressive small collection. These qualities are offset by a simple collection and simple documentation. — Member of the Jury: Dr. Adelheid Rasche, Sammlung Modebild, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Fashion Image Collection – National Museums in Berlin)

Education Diplom
Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Contact kyoungeun.hong@web.de

Media  A Shaded View on Fashion: 3.2.2013: „European Fashion Award 2013 at ISPO – and the Winners are…“

FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Michael Court

1st Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

The Strength of Silence

Electronic gadgets become a shackle; networking becomes an addiction. We are constantly inundated by radio waves and information, noise and dissonance. We live many virtual lives, yet only have one real life. Strict rites of silence – whether tea ceremony, the art of swordplay, or, as shown here, calligraphy – help guide the spirit. Body and soul find structure and energy – they grow; even excel. Inner calmness begins to unfold – though sometimes it begins with a bang. The concept collection “The Strength of Silence” provides space for pure, inner calmness. Sheltered and free of any compulsion. All garments are for men and women. The individual pieces can be combined as desired. They are pure and free of distraction. Black and white.

Jury Reasons Whether fashion, illustrations, or blind contour drawings: Michael Court’s poetic designs enchant at first glance. Though Michael Court worked on his design in the 4th semester, one can already recognize a very strong personality. Michael Court’s answer to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010’s theme of “Privacy” is definitely unique; he trusts his subjective view of the world, and can substantiate and classify it socially. He develops a clear concept, and impresses with high-quality and aesthetic execution: imaginative prints, playful use of volume, or perfect cuts – suitable for men and women alike. Anyone who wears these flowing pieces will instantly understand the meaning of “Privacy”. The voluminous elements are so well designed that an area of instant calm descends on you. Michael Court’s designs have depth, reflecting his cited knowledge of Japanese culture, as well as the courage to deal with a very personal issue. Michael Court wants to infuse new life into fashion without masquerading – and allow the wearer to make his/her own decisions. The quality of all elements – perception, concept, design, tailoring, illustration, language – is absolutely exceptional. Michael Court accomplished something very rare these days: serious, yet natural-appearing fashion. We cannot pay him any higher compliment. — Jury Member Ivonne Fehn, Fashion Director Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Munich

Education 4th Semester
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Contact michael.court@me.com


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FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Marieke-Sophie Schmidt

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010


People feel they have to keep up appearances and save face in public. Therefore we accept conformity and follow conventions. Dress codes – whether in a respectable suit, chic evening gown, or casual jeans – further cultivate conformance. Yet, dress codes can also act as armour for privacy. The womenswear collection “Mimikry” features an internal as well as an external side. The business dress offers protection and security. Materials are strong, firm, and rigid. Black represents power, respectability, and anonymity. Integrated armour elements each contain another, private piece of fashion. It can be unfolded at any time. The roomy, soft garments make the wearer feel free, individual, and unconstrained. Blue represents longing and freedom, pink embodies our flashy and excessive side. The truly private part of us is in our heads not worn on our bodies.

Jury Statement Marieke-Sophie Schmidt takes on a cliché that seems to be the golden thread uniting all concepts submitted to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010 with the theme “Privacy”: the strong segregation between the private and public sphere, increasingly considered threatening. Marieke-Sophie Schmidt created a design with impressive stringency. Details, such as a belt acting as armour, and containing private garments at the same time, are remarkable. This armour is reminiscent of protective wear for motorcyclists and designs by Vivienne Westwood at the same time. Marieke-Sophie Schmidt’s young aesthetic fashion is relevant, modern, natural, and has a sense of humour.Jury member Johan Buskqvist, Head of Design Adidas Originals, Herzogenaurach

Education 5th Semester
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Contact marieke.schmidt@web.de

FASH 2008 Attitude / 28. January 2008

Frauke Buschmeyer

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2008

The Crocodiles Lie in the Gaps

The Master’s thesis collection “The Crocodiles Lie in the Gaps” is composed of favorite pieces for individualistic women between 20 and 40. They feel pleasant on the skin, and the person wearing it can build up an emotional, imaginative and affectionate relation to them. Favorite pieces are long-lasting, because they do not lose their originality after one season. The carefree perspective of childhood, when everyday matters are exciting, serves to achieve this goal. Four stories by a lion, crocodile, penguin and polar bears inspired the illustrations, cuts, colors and choice of material.
The work is also a search for a statement of one’s own between pronounced expressiveness and sensitive presentiments as well as the balance between the design wishes and emotional needs of the women wearing it.

Jury Statement Frauke Buschmeyer bets on avoidance of waste, the most effective way of protecting the environment. The way of implementing her project was worked out in an impressive manner. The starting point was the observation that people like to wear favorite pieces for many years. But how do you create favorite pieces? She selected strongly emotional motifs as inspiration: children and animals. The comparatively complex collection plays with the topic well throughout without placing it in the forefront too much. It remains a means to the end of creating desirable fashion. The collection has a very strong and new aesthetics; it is joyful and humorous, young and elegant. This is not superficial fashion, but instead self-confident design.
Frauke Buschmeyer obviously knows what she wants and how to do it. She has a great deal of design skill and can give identity to a brand. But not only her conceptual strengths and design skills should be praised, but also her craft skills in implementing new patterns. — Jury Member Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Hamburg

Education Graduate (Diplom)
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)

Contact fraukebuschmeyer@gmail.com

FASH 2007 The Fine Art of Traveling / 2. February 2007

Arnold Gevers

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2007

Grand Tour 2006

The men’s collection “Grand Tour” emphasizes subjective moments by focusing on the experience of travelling. It is a critical examination of the relations between opposites: I and he, interior and exterior, the foreign or strange and your own. Arnold Gevers also took a Grand Tour to Paris and St. Petersburg based on the model of aristocratic sons of the 18th century who matured from country squires into men of the world during the trip. The idea was to create a structure from experiences of the foreign to provide wearers with a strong emotional identity. The colors range from indescribable white to subdued colors and extreme color combinations all the way to a black outfit, which stands for the sum total of all experiences.

Jury Statement “Grand Tour 2006” starts from the subjective viewpoint of the designer and consequently results in a unique design, which fits the pulse of the next season. The menswear outfits are quite brilliant. The beautifully worked collection is in terms of fashion trend the most futuristic ones of the contest. Arnold Gevers is really in middle of the time spirit, he feels what’s going on. Materials such as reflective foil and oxidized denim will be seen all around the next season. Denim stands for oxidized bronze statues in Paris here. Arnold Gevers also demonstrates an outstanding feeling for the spirit of the times in his design style. — Jury Member Susanne Fischer, Marketing Manager for Central Europe, Timberland, Munich

Education Diplom 2006/Graduated
Hochschule für Künste Bremen/University Of The Arts Bremen

Contact a_gevers@gmx.de