FASH 2019 Photo / 9. May 2019

Special Award Fashion Photography

Registration deadline: June 3rd, 2019, 8.00 am CET
Deadline for applications: June 4th, 2019, 12.00 am CET

The European Fashion Award FASH, in cooperation with the Kunstbibliothek of the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Art Library of the National Museums in Berlin), announces the special award European Fashion Award FASH – Photo. The competition is looking for fashion photographs of the highest artistic and technical standards that reflect our time with expressive images.

Images make fashion
The picture is fundamental in the communication of fashion. The staging and communication of fashion are the bottom line today. Smartphones and Instagram however, are making more and more images available in ever-shorter time. The speed increases to such an extent that the importance of a single image decreases.
And yet we are convinced that professional fashion photography can do more. It communicates the character, moods and qualities of fashion in a variety of ways. The special award fashion photography asks: What distinguishes fashion photography? When is it perceived for longer than a moment, a wipe? Which pictures show attitude and give food for thought?

Basis are the rule for the European Fashion Award FASH 2019 with the following variations.

Scope for entries

1. Portfolio
Photos of different genres like fashion, portrait, beauty or still life. Whether documentary, artistically staged or promotional, whether in the studio or outdoors, still life or people. The personal point of view and attitude are in demand.
Scope: Up to 25 pages with 10 to 15 photographs from single images and series.
The portfolio can contain up to approx. 30% of works from the studies that cannot be published for legal reasons (see rights). These must be marked: *Study work.
The remaining motifs should be usable in all media, both as posters, magazines or images on the internet and social media and in the context of an exhibition.
Each picture needs a legend with details of all participants such as concept, styling, hair & make-up, model/agency, set/props, production or postproduction.

Nude photographs and film are excluded.
Photos are also excluded from participation in the competition,
– Which have technical faults
– Which represent offensive, pornographic, racist, violence-glorifying, discriminatory or other illegal contents
– That have already been published or will be published, e.g. fashion magazines, websites (except the personal, non-commercial website or social media of the participant and the university)
– Who have already won a prize or another award (internal university awards are possible)
– Are available through a picture agency.

2. Letter of motivation
What do you expect from participating in the special prize for fashion photography of the European Fashion Award FASH and the Kunstbibliothek?
How do you see the future of fashion photography in the age of Instagram and social media?
Why do you still want to work as a fashion photographer when fees are falling and fewer and fewer publication platforms exist?

3. Curriculum Vitae

4. Proof of matriculation at a university or date of the final examination

All documents must be combined in one (!) PDF:
– file format: .pdf, maximum size: 7 MB
– file name: participation number + FASH19 e.g. 29-F-FASH19.pdf
– max. 25 pages
– Normal upper/lower case, not set in capitals
– Participation number on the 1st page

The competition is open throughout Europe and is aimed at highly talented Students of photography, photo design, communication design or visual communication.
Eligible are students of full age (Bachelor, Diploma) as well as Master/PhD. They must be registered at a university or photo school at the time of registration, or graduated after May 1, 2018.
The registration deadline is May 29th, 2019.

The finalists will be notified by e-mail. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on July 1st, 2019 in Berlin.
In the event of a nomination as a finalist, the participants undertake to personally participate in the European Fashion Award in Berlin and to be present at the assembly and dismantling.
The exact schedule will be provided in a timely manner. Winners are required to pay their own travel expenses.
The finalists need a portfolio. It serves the jury as well as the invited experts and visitors of the award ceremony. Print (open up to 60 cm width) or digital (! there are no sockets nearby).
As a finalist, all participants must be able to provide a high-resolution image suitable for printing in exhibitions.

The dates for the special award fashion photography:
– Registration deadline: June 3rd, 2019, 8.00 am CET
– Deadline for applications: June 4th, 2019, 12.00 am CET
– Notification of finalists: June 12th, 2019
– Submission of the works selected for the print: tba
– Set-up of showroom: 29 June
– European Fashion Award FASH 2019: June 30th and July 1st in Berlin

– 1.000 Euro prizemoney
– Acquisition of works for the collections of the Kunstbibliothek
– an individually tailored coaching
– the prize winner is permanently presented on his own microsite at www.FASH.berlin

The European Fashion Award FASH essentially consists of two workshop days with leading experts with topics like entry into the professional world such as communication and portfolio consulting.


A jury with experts from the fields of photography and communication will select the prize winners in two rounds according to defined criteria. First, six finalists will be selected from all applications. In Berlin the winner will be selected. The jury’s decision is not legally contestable.

The members of the Jury
– Dr. Britta Bommert, Head of Sammlung Modebild, Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
– Kathrin Hohberg, Managing Director of the photographer agency Kathrin Hohberg, Munich
– Sandra Semburg, Streetstyle photographer, Berlin (Only selection of finalists)
– Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Director European Fashion Award FASH
– Tina Winkhaus, Photographer, Berlin

Britta Bommert, Berlin, has been since 2017 curator of the Fashion Image Collection – Lipperheide Costume Library of the Art Library (National Museums in Berlin). Previously she made researches on the modern art market and exhibition designs of Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius. Together with Adelheid Rasche she curated the exhibition “Luxury for Fashion” and published articles about luminaire designs. As an expert for art at different auction houses she trained her eye by looking at a broad variety of art and observed the contemporary design scene as a staff member at the editorial department of a design magazine. She studied history of art, science of theater, movie and TV and philosophy at the University of Cologne.

Kathrin Hohberg founded her agency for photographers in 1991 in Munich. The agency represents internationally renowned photographers such as Roxanne Lowit, Russell James, Matthew Rolston, as well as famous celebrity photographers like Canadian singer Bryan Adams and star trumpeter Till Brönner.
Next to Kristian Schuller, Kathrin Hohberg represents photographers and young trend photographers, editors and renowned stylists, as well as hair/make-up artists, worldwide at the highest level. The realisation of commercials by her directors and videographers has also become an integral part of her work.

Sandra Semburg is one of the most successful streetstyle photographers in the world. The Berlin fashion magazine “Achtung” recently voted her one of the 50 „most influential Germans in fashion“. She works for magazines such as Bazaar, Cover dk, Elle, Vogue Paris and clients such as Chloe, Closed, H&M, P&C, Zara.com or Veronika Heilbrunner. www.sandrasemburg.com

Joachim Schirrmacher works as a Creative Consultant in Berlin. He offer his 25 years of expertise in fashion and design for governments, corporate and academic clients. He wrote for renowned Media like Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Since 2004 he is Project Director of the European Fashion Award FASH by SDBI.

Tina Winkhaus The artist and studied photographer is specialized in over-aesthetised scenographies. After studying in Munich, London and New York, she moved to Berlin in 1999. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, for example at the ZKM Karlsruh or Centre Pompidou, and has won prizes such as the Annual Photography Award and the International Portrait Photography Award. In cooperation with the 25hours Hotel, Winkhaus furnished the hotel room “Your Reality Is Not Mine” for Art Week 2018. www.fortina.de

Evaluation Criteria
All works submitted for the special prize for fashion photography in accordance with the rules will be judged according to the following criteria, the weighting will be left to the jury:
– independent and concise visual language
– A feeling for the spirit of the times, moods and trends
– Interpretation of fashion
– Development potential
– Craftsmanship, technical and creative execution (light, image composition, postproduction …)
– Interaction of all factors such as fashion, model, hair & make-up, set, etc.

In addition to the terms of the European Fashion Award FASH 2019, the following rights apply:

The copyrights to the submitted works remain with the participant at all times. For publications that are directly related to the competition (such as exhibitions, documentation, Internet, media work or other actions), the participant grants the organizer the publication rights for all media and types of use (including social media such as Instagram) free of charge in terms of space, time and content.
The participants cannot claim a usage fee for these usages. This applies in particular to photos taken on behalf and for the account of SDBI. Excluded from this is commercial advertising.
The award winners also agree to the publication of photos of themselves.
The participant expressly permits the organizer to pass on the image data of his submitted works as well as the photos taken on behalf of the SDBI to third parties (competition partners, agencies, media, service providers, printers) for publication in connection with the FASH.
The participants agree that the submitted photographs may be adapted to formats which are specified by online use or in the social media.
The participants agree to the publication of their first names and surnames in all named media.
The names of the participants are passed on to the media with the proviso that they are also mentioned in publications. The organizer cannot assume any liability towards the participant for this. The participant waives his right of copyright.

Prints in formats up to approx. 70 x 90 cm will be produced for the exhibition. For this reason, the photo finalists will request high-resolution data of the works in preparation for the exhibition. In the event of a category victory, the participants agree to provide this data in the best possible way.
The printouts made for the exhibitions via the SDBI will remain with the organizer after their intended use for the documentation of the award history. The participants have no claim to the publication of printouts of their work.

Each participant is responsible for all questions concerning utility model, design law, copyright law, trademark law or patent law. The participant must own the property rights and copyrights (all rights). Submissions that violate applicable law, in particular infringe criminal law, copyrights, trademark and other trademark rights, personal rights and other rights of third parties, may not be shown. The participant therefore assures that he/she holds all rights to the submitted collection (or photos) and the corresponding drawings, that these are not restricted and that the works are free of rights of third parties.
 All outfits remain the property of the participants.
By registering for the competition, the participant accepts these conditions.

Right to personal image and property ownership
Above all, this means that the participant has obtained the consent of the persons depicted in the case of recognisable depiction of persons, unless the person(s) is/are merely an addition. In the case of a recognisable depiction of minors, the consent of the legal representative must also be obtained. In the case of minors over 14 years of age, the illustration and publication may not be made against the will of the minor, even with the consent of the legal representative. The participant affirms that he/she depicts buildings and land owned by third parties exclusively from publicly accessible locations, unless the owner has consented to the depiction and publication. Upon request, the organizer may request a copy of such written permission from the participant.
The participants are liable for all damages incurred by the organizer of the FASH and/or the publishing media due to the fact that the necessary consents of third parties have not been granted or other rights of third parties prevent the use of the work. The participant exempts the organizer and/or the publishing media from all claims, including claims for damages, legal prosecution, attorney and court costs, which third parties assert against the organizer and/or the publishing media due to the violation of their rights. He supports the organizer and/or the publishing media in the event of such a claim by third parties, in particular with the information necessary for a defense.









FASH 2019 / 2. April 2019

FASH 2019

The European Fashion Award FASH 2019 is open to design students and graduates and free of charge. The focus is on the sustainable support of young students and graduates in a very exclusive and interactive format.

Award ceremony European Fashion Award FASH 2019 The guest list is closed.   Monday, July 1st 2019, 5pm – 7pm 17.00 Admission and tour of the showroom 17.30 Award ceremony Dress code: Joy for fashion! Location Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum for Contemporary Art – Berlin Invalidenstrasse 50-51, 10557 Berlin, Germany 400 meters from the main […] / 21. February 2014


Award ceremony European Fashion Award FASH 2019

The guest list is closed.


Monday, July 1st 2019, 5pm – 7pm
17.00 Admission and tour of the showroom
17.30 Award ceremony

Dress code: Joy for fashion!

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum for Contemporary Art – Berlin
Invalidenstrasse 50-51, 10557 Berlin, Germany
400 meters from the main station