European Fashion Award – FASH 2010 / 29. October 2010


Where does privacy begin, where does it end? The borders between intimacy and public life are fading thanks to our increasingly digitalized world. Thanks to mobile phones we are able to keep in close contact to our loved ones while traveling, or create private spaces with the help of music. At the same time these devices have become an electronic shackle – always accessible, always online. Privacy is also undermined by companies, countries, and social networking sites. An initial feeling of power is followed by helplessness, apprehension, and assimilation anxiety. The need for security and sanctuary increases. Can fashion act as a retreat – at home or on the go? Can it protect against observation from all angles and sources? Who knows me, who recognizes me, who has control over me? The European Fashion Award – FASH 2010 with the title “Privacy” is searching for answers to these questions.


1. Analysis

The first part of the work to be submitted includes a personal analysis of today’s clothing styles. The focus is on the individual’s own point of view of styles found on the streets or in closets. Analysis results must be documented and supplemented by the entrants’ own photographs. Blogs and fashion magazines are not permitted. Later, in the second step, the independent analysis shall be supported by research using the appropriate publications such as market studies, books or articles.

2. Concept

The concept on the topic “Privacy” is to be based on the analysis. The designs must fulfill complex criteria, i.e., be original and coherent while geared to the market at the same time (which does not mean following trends). Consequently, you must identify your concept and planning for social, economic, cultural and political processes as well as reflect on them.

3. Design

Based on the established concept, the third part of the work shall interpret the results in a collection with a minimum of four outfits. Two outfits shall be submitted to the Jury Meeting. Award winners are required (after contact the project management) to produce two to four additional outfits at the latest by January 12, 2010 and bring them to the award presentation and exhibition in Munich.

You may select any segment (business, leisure or sports clothing) and genre. Accompanying accessories are permitted. Entrants may also choose between designing women’s wear, men’s wear or complete collections, appropriate to their analysis. There is also no restriction on the selection of the season.