Announcement FASH 2022 / 16. May 2022

European Fashion Award FASH 2022

New fashion from old clothes. That, in short, is the task for the European Fashion Award FASH 2022, whose topic is ‘Re:Create Fashion’. For the first time, it is not seeking out new fashion designs; instead, the aim is to produce a new creative look out of old garments. The competition is open to exceptionally gifted students across the whole of Europe and carries prizes to the value of €5000. It is in line with the textile strategy of the European Commission. More

Sustainable fashion analysis / 16. May 2022

A downward spiral, not a circle

Sustainable, fair fashion has been the subject of intense discussion for decades. Everyone is talking about the circular economy and many fashion companies have announced sustainability projects. The reality, though, is more than disappointing. The European Commission now wants to drive fashion towards sustainability with a comprehensive textile strategy.

An analysis by Joachim Schirrmacher More