FASH 2014 / 11. March 2013


Music and dancing, excitement and relaxation, fast fashion and slow fashion are some of the many facets of the theme “Rhythm” of the European Fashion Award FASH 2014. The advisory board of the Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie (German Fashion Industry Foundation) agreed to this rather broadly interpretable scope for the competition.
In addition, the advisory board and the board of directors decided to move the official award ceremony organized by the organization founded in Munich in 1978 to Berlin. “The European Fashion Award FASH continues to expand. An award presentation during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2014 is not just a logical consequence, it is also the desire of a lot of students to present their projects in one of the world’s most exciting fashion capitals,” explained Tobias Gröber, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Winners – Category Students
1. Prize: Anna Schröder (Textile) and Kaur R. Hensel (Fashion)
• Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design Halle (6th Semester)
• Collection “Sophisticated Grunge”
2. Prize: Mai Duong
• University of Applied Sciences Berlin (6th Semester)
• Streetwear Collection “With your feet in the air and your head on the ground”
2. Prize: Anna Laura Bach, Carolin Sprenger (Fashion) und Kevin Perlinger (Visual Communication)
• Pforzheim University (7th Semester)
• Sportswear Collection “Inbetween”

Award Winners – Category Graduates
1. Prize: Danny Reinke
• Fahmoda Academy for Fashion and Design Hanover.
• Women’s and Men’s Collection “MÖN 10”
2. Prize: Young Sun Ko
• University of the Arts Bremen (Diploma)
• Women’s and Men’s Collection “The Moon at Noon”
3. Prize: Simon Rudolf Richter
• University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Bachelor)
• Women’s Collection “Weißes Gold” (“White Gold”)

FASH 2014 / 11. March 2013


1. Analysis

The first part of the project to be submitted is to include an independent analysis of the selected perspective on the topic ‘Rhythm’. The jury statements reflect only a few of the many potential facets of the topic.

2. Concept 
Develop your project based on the analysis. The design may be visionary,  yet should suit the situation you developed in your analysis, meaning, it should be realistic in a progressive sense. We are looking for ambitious, independent and consistent designs.
Justify your selection in the documentation and explain the concept. This may be accomplished with the help of research using the appropriate publications, such as literature, essays or market studies. Analysis and concept are to be complemented by your own photos and sketches.

3. Design
Based on this validated concept, the third part of the project is the application of the results to create a collection consisting of a minimum of six outfits. Two complete outfits must be submitted for the jury meeting. You may include complementing accessories. You are free to choose whether your designs target men, women or both; the choice is dependent on the analysis. There is also no restriction on the selection of the season.

FASH 2014 / 11. March 2013


A jury consisting of international design, industry, and media experts selected the award winners according to set criteria.

Members of the Jury FASH 2014 jury include

Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Adviser, H & M – Hennes & Mauritz, Stockholm www.hm.com
“Rhythm of life: music, dance, movement, something that is not still or fixed.”

Stephan Meyer is Creative Director for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, Berlin. He is considered one of Germany’s best stylists. Prior work included magazines like GQ, Park Avenue or Architectural Digest.  www.harpersbazaar.de

Dr. Adelheid Rasche
, Director of Sammlung Modebild, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Fashion Image Collection, National Museums in Berlin)
www.ifskb.de/modebild  www.adelheid-rasche.de
“Rhythm can be found in the beat of a heart, in music, in the fashion cycle spring/summer and fall/winter, in the linked concepts of day/night; full/empty; stress/relaxation; rise/decline – and in many more!”

Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin
“Design challenges always lead me to look at everyday life. Rhythm initially brings to mind “ora et labora”, the time to work and the time to relax. I like the change of seasons, and how nature is continually transformed. And I think of looms that no longer just rattle but make a pretty loud noise.”

Michael Sontag, Designer, Berlin,  www.michaelsontag.com
“The creation of a collection, with its repeating themes, harmonies and so own, follows a rhythm, similar to a piece of music.”

Robb Young, Fashion Journalist und Consultant, London, www.robbyoung.co.uk
“In my view, ‘rhythm’ is a very fitting theme for three reasons.  On a personal level, we are all witnessing a metamorphosis in the pace and nature of our individual rhythms because of high-speed communication and the counter-culture movement of trying to slow down to find a balance.  On a global level, the rhythm of human activity is also going through a very interesting period of change thanks to the rise of new centres of gravity like China and India and the increasing speed of our global transactions set against the backdrop of localism.  Finally, for the new generation of fashion leaders, ‘rhythm’ is particularly interesting to explore because the fashion cycles that have been guiding our industry for decades and sometimes for centuries have been changing recently due to the rise of fast fashion, the reaction of slow fashion and sustainability issues.”