FASH 2014 / 11. December 2013

The Winners of The European Fashion Award FASH 2014

The winners of the European Fashion Award FASH 2014 have been selected. They will receive their awards on Monday, January 13, 2014, on the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week. Following a presentation of the six winning collections the jury will announce the individual awards. More

FASH 2014 / 10. September 2013

Swiss Textile Federation supports the European Fashion Award FASH 2014

The Swiss Textile Federation (Textilverband Schweiz) supports the European Fashion Award FASH 2014 with textile vouchers valued 5,000 Swiss Francs (4.000 Euro). “We are happy to support the European Fashion Award FASH 2014 with innovative materials produced by our members, because we are impressed and captivated by the professional character of the award as well as the creative excellence and high skill level of the award winners. This is not just an award for products, but an evaluation of everything from research, concept, tailoring, to presentation,” says Peter Flückiger, Director of the Swiss Textile Federation.

FASH 2014 / 6. September 2013

Stephan Meyer as Member of the Jury

We gained yet another member of the Jury of the European Fashion Award FASH 2014, Stephan Meyer. Stephan Meyer is Creative Director of the German edition of Harpers Bazaar, which was just published for the first time a few days ago. Meyer, considered one of Germany’s foremost style experts, has plenty of experience in the sector of men’s and women’s fashions, as well as interior design. He has worked for magazines including GQ, Park Avenue or Architectural Digest. He was also responsible for the styling for the photos shot of the winning collection of the European Fashion Award FASH 2013. “I am really looking forward to the jury meeting and working with the winners. My own time at fashion design school is still fresh in my mind,” Stephan Meyer comments.

SDBI Circle of Friends / 30. July 2013

Self-Confidence Is Important

Daniel and Markus Freitag on their involvement in the European Fashion Award FASH, their beginning as students, and what an award can do for you.



Ioana Ciolacu Miron, FASH 2011 / 4. July 2013

The FASH Award Changed Everything

Ioana Ciolacu Miron, FASH 2011 award winner, was crowned the “Designer for Tomorrow“ (DfT) by Stella McCartney in July during the Berlin Fashion Week. She told SDBI Director Joachim Schirrmacher what has happened in the past years.  More

Berlin Premiere / 1. July 2013

SDBI Networks Talents and Industry

The cocktail reception with which the Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie (German Fashion Industry Foundation) – SDBI launched its premiere in Berlin on the evening before the opening of the Berlin Fashion Week was extraordinary, high class and profound.  More

Welcome Adress Minister of State Pieper / 1. July 2013

Creativity saves our future

Welcome Address by Cornelia Pieper, MdB, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office at the Reception On the Occasion of the Opening of Berlin Fashion Week (European Fashion Award FASH), July 1, 2013Hotel Brandenburger Hof, Berlin More

European Fashion Award FASH 2014 / 21. May 2013


Music and dancing, excitement and relaxation, fast fashion and slow fashion are some of the many facets of the theme “Rhythm” of the European Fashion Award FASH 2014. The advisory board of the Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie (German Fashion Industry Foundation) agreed to this rather broadly interpretable scope for the competition. More

Leading Promotion / 21. May 2013

Distinguished Winners

Several previous winners of our European Fashion Award FASH have been awarded by other contests. For example, Karen Scholz and Joan Tarragó Pampalona (FASH 2007) won 2008 the 1st Prize of the Apolda European Design Award. Melanie Gros (FASH 2008) and Annika Tutsch (FASH 2011) were decorated with a grant by the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation in 2010 and 2011.
But this spring our records were broken. Almost each of our winners of FASH 2013 was nominated for the Baltic Fashion Award. We are very glad that Tanja Schmidt and Philip Rudzinski won this prize in the beginning of May.
In addition, the successful team from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover recently was presented as one promotional prize winner in the category creation by Wilhelm Lorch Foundation. Besides the two of them, our winners Tim Labenda and Florian Wowretzko were also decorated with grants by the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation. Congratulations to all of them!
The team of SDBI is very pleased that its leading promotion is bearing such fruit. Maybe we can celebrate another success on July 3rd: Ciolacu Ioana Miron from Romania (2nd prize FASH 2011) has been nominated by Stella McCartney as Designer for Tomorrow.

European Fashion Award FASH 2013 / 3. February 2013

The Winners

The European Fashion Award FASH 2013 searched for the new fashion image for men – which in turn reveal new images for women too. The festive award ceremony was held during the trade show ISPO MUNICH 2013.  More

SDBI Expands Workshops At ISPO MUNICH 2013 / 26. January 2013

Workshops: Career and Calculation

The SDBI workshops “Career and Calculation” have been a tradition since 2007. For the first time SDBI will also offer workshops on the topic of job application. Experienced designers discuss how they made their career and what they expect from application portfolio today.