FASH 2015 / 20. November 2014

The Winners of The European Fashion Award FASH 2015

The Winners of The European Fashion Award FASH 2015 were selected.
The awards will be announced in 2015.

Refined And Realistic / 17. July 2014

SDBI Award Winners Among The Highlights of Berlin Fashion Week­

SDBI winners receive their awards at the very beginning of their career. They are often still students or just completed their studies. The European Fashion Award FASH is their first award. An honor that results in benefits more quickly than ever before.  More

European Fashion Award FASH 2015 / 3. July 2014


Fashion as the expression of attitude: whether social utopia, poetic symbol of protest or escape from the everyday – freedom has many different dimensions. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the European Fashion Award FASH 2015 is looking for fashion designs with the theme of “Freedom”. 

FASH 2014 / 13. January 2014

Presentation of The European Fashion Award FASH 2014 by SDBI for the First Time during Berlin Fashion Week

Kicking off the Berlin Fashion Week, today nine students and graduates were honored with the European Fashion Award FASH 2014. The award is managed by the non-profit SDBI – Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie (German Fashion Industry Foundation) . 250 guests from the retail sector, agencies, higher education, government as well as managers and designers of leading companies from Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia, France, Japan, Lithuania, Sweden and Switzerland took part in the ceremony. More

FASH 2014 / 13. January 2014


“I have been observing the work of SDBi since its beginnings and in particular since my involvement with the jury in 2011. The evident genuine interest in new international creative talent was always the core value of the SDBI. This makes it inspirational for creatives, jury members and associates alike. Further support for future projects is vital and beneficial for both the industry and the young talent in order to further connect on a continuous basis and prepare for the tough challenges ahead.”
Torsten Hochstetter, Global Creative Director, Puma

“Visions, creativity and passion are the components with which SDBI sets sustainable signals for the future of the otherwise fast-moving fashion world.”
Laudation “Germany – Land of Ideas”

“The European Fashion Award FASH is neither a local project nor a faceless global story. SDBI does not only focus on beauty but also looks at the concept behind the fashion. We share this requirement for quality, combined with an international appeal.”
Daniel and Markus Freitag, Founders and Creative Directors FREITAG.