FASH 2018 / 17. June 2018

Annika Klaas

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2018
Category Students


I like to fathom the formal and technical potential of knitwear for the development and implementation of innovative concepts, whether for new designs – with a subtle interplay of structures and colors – or for shapes, that would not be manufacturable in classic tailoring. Knitting technology offers innovations in the production of knitwear, and computercontrolled knitting machines can reduce human work to a minimum, thus enabling a local production once more, as the Adidas Speedfactory demonstrates. This leads to new possibilities of design, like customization. My ideal is to use this potential for a holistic and sustainable design approach, also in interdisciplinary teams.
My bachelor graduation collection “Slow Curve” is inspired by the interaction of flat forms and bold colours in the work of the artist Ellsworth Kelly. (“Blue over Blue, 1963” or “Blue Red Rocker, 1963”). Besides the shape, I have developed diverse knit structures such as two-toned petinet structures, round shapes realized by goring techniques, graphical intarsia and plated elements and multi-gauge net structures. For the Realisation I programmed the most modern knitting machines. Color contrasts are added by asymmetrical embroideries and facings. Soft wool qualities are contrasted with lustrous silk and viscose elements. The womenswear collection consists of 30 outfits, of which six have been realized. Annika Klaas

Award Ceremony

Jury statement A stringent, stylish and very mature collection, which was manufactured with the most modern knitting technology in excellent quality.

Annika Klaas has designed a very stringent, stylish and modern collection with a clear concept that she communicate very well. The skillfully reduced silhouette and filigree details are convincing. Her small collection goes into depth, especially in her own construction and production of knitwear with the latest knitting technology. A fresh and at the same time very mature, accurate and balanced work with outstanding technical implementation. These qualities are also reflected in her other projects such as the development of a three-dimensional knitted typography, knitted sneakers or a trade fair stand at the Pitti Filati 2016.
Annika Klaas independent creativity comes from her intensive engagement with free art, her experience in costume design and her perception of the beauty of everyday life. Her focused creativity gets to the point, similar to an engineer. She takes on the role of the designer, has a recognizable purposeful way of working, questions constructively. Annika Klaas is already working professionally at a high level on every detail and could breathe new life into classics such as a Punto Milano dress. She creates fashion that is more than a short satisfaction after the purchase.
Annika Klaas knows what she wants: to work for relevant innovations in production and manufacturing, a holistic and sustainable design and thus for an urgently needed renewal of fashion. Already today she succeeds in sharpening her eye for quality, innovation and profundity, thus giving fashion more value and appreciation again.

Education 1st Semester Master, Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University)
Prof. Änna Piel †

Prize Cash prize of 2500 euro, Mentoring Program, Public Relations

Contact annika.klaas@gmail.com
Instagram @annikaklaas

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FASH 2018 / 16. June 2018

Maria Presser

1st Preis
European Fashion Award – FASH 2018
Category Graduates


Maria Presser: “Don’t be a square” is the slogan of my menswear collection “The Bonnie Situation”. The outfits play with the expectations of the viewer in order to encourage a more sophisticated perception of fashion beyond stereotypes. Postmodern stylistic devices such as deconstruction based on the model of literary examples are translated into a fashion context: Preppy style and high-visibility workwear meet and merge as two hierarchically opposing genres. Other design elements are quotes and allusions, overdrafts and surprise effects such as new combinations of various patterns. The collection thrives on this “intertextuality” and thus ties in with the work of cult director Quentin Tarantino, whose movies such as “Pulp Fiction” (1994) became prototypes of postmodern film aesthetics. The intensive study of the arts and socio-cultural contexts is an important part of my work on modern, sophisticated and progressive menswear. I strive for the deconstruction of oppositions such as conceptual and commercial in the fashion industry, a novel form of reception and review of fashion and a further development in the self-image of the fashion designer.

 Award Ceremony

Jury statement A very harmonious balance between streetwear and business fashion at a high professional level.

With the combination of two supposedly opposing genres, Maria Presser designed an ironic and mature dialogue between trendy streetwear and traditional business fashion. Dressed, it immediately looks cool, natural and discreetly refined.
The theme of “deconstruction” has been cleverly chosen, argued and presented. The cut is new and creative, the manufacturing is impeccable. The unstructured garment impresses with its very good fit, casualness and excellent wearing comfort. The multi-faceted implementation convinces with playfully light but consistent approaches. The subtle choice of colors and fabrics also shows that men can be fashion-conscious without immediately being perceived as fashion victim.
Maria Presser has her own signature, the ability to make decisions, is willing to perform and clearly wants to work on herself. In her bachelor collection she has found a very mature balance on a high professional level. The work challenges us to re-evaluate what we know and thus fits in with the times. This is how Maria Presser succeeds in achieving her goal: To sharpen the view of viewers and wearers of meaningful fashion, quality and innovation. It thus also offers the frozen clothing industry important impulses to find a way into the 21st century.

Education Bachelor, AMD – Akademie Mode & Design, Berlin
Prof. Antje Drinkuth

Prize Cash prize of 2500 euro, Mentoring Program, Public Relations

Contact maria@presser-architekten.de
Instagram @mariapresser

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FASH 2018 / 12. June 2018

Carine Kuntz + Alexander Gaertner

Finalist’s Award
European Fashion Award – FASH 2018


EKMA (abbreviation for Ektoplasma) is a joint project between textile and fashion design. The womenswear collection is influenced by the fields of spiritism and mediumism. Especially the documented materialization phenomena by parapsychologist Albert von Schrenck-Notzing became a source of inspiration. Through textile manipulation the fabrics received new haptic and visual properties. An interaction of simple and opulent silhouettes, milky-translucent layers, moiré effects and flowing surfaces.


Award Ceremony

Education Carine Kuntz (Master Fashion)
Alexander Gaertner (Master Textile)
Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin), Prof. Clara Leskovar, Prof. Doreen Schulz, Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina

Prize Cash prize of 500 euro, Mentoring Program, Public Relations

Contact Carine Kuntz
Instagram @kuntzgaertner
Alexander Gaertner
Instagram @alexandergaertner

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