FASH 2009 New Diversity / 1. February 2009

Adrian Sommerauer

3rd Prize Graduates Works
European Fashion Award FASH 2009

London, Heimat #3

Photos of a rainy, gloomy London morning from a kitchen window gave the inspiration: the atmosphere was rife with the aura of a man who had overslept, grabbed the next-best pile of clothing, and headed out into the crowded, noisy streets feeling out of sorts. The melancholy, dark tone and material selection of this elegant, yet rather delicate men’s collection held in a blue-grey colour scheme relates that sometimes you feel at home in the unknown, while feeling lost in familiar places. Shiny surfaces, as if wet by rain (silk, nylon, chintzed linen, washed wool) contrast with cotton reminiscent of flowery bed linens. Pyjamas represent the contrasting moods of the designs, balanced by classic tailoring and iconic oversized outerwear, such as a bomber jacket. The choice of elaborate materials, treatments, and finishes, such as invisible hems, embroidery, or hand-knitted elements, results in a deliberate manipulation of the boundaries of traditional menswear, and creates fashions that are as pleasing to look at as they are to wear.

Jurybegründung The consistent men’s collection by Adrian Sommerauer is not only very professional but also distinguishes itself thanks to its creative overall concept. The selection of subtle colors and luxurious materials also emphasizes the extraordinary quality. The designs’ romantic story, transposed step by step into the garments, is impressive. Adrian Sommerauer’s design power in the playing field of men’s fashions, and its details, is more than evident. Exceptional craftsmanship turned the technically sophisticated concept into reality. Th style is convincing, the collection is balanced and yet full of excitement. The result is a men’s collection that is very easy to wear, yet makes a clear statement. An important signal for the industry! — Jury member Doreen Schulz, c.neeon

Ausbildung Master in Fashion Menswear, Royal College of Art, London

Ike Rust, Senior Menswear Tutor (Design)

Juliet Ash, Senior Tutor in Fashion Critical and Historical Studies (Theorie)

Contact as@adriansommerauer.com

Jobs Since 11/2012: Senior-Designer Dorothee Schumacher
Menswear Designer Antonio Marras – Kenzo Homme

FASH 2009 New Diversity / 1. February 2009

Wenke Müller

Special Mention Graduates Works

European Fashion Award FASH 2009

Dreams of My Self

Ten profiles, ten images of womanhood, ten different “Träume vom Ich” (“Dreams of My Self”). Personal diversity contrasts with signature style: concerted and mature, muted rather than boisterous, with a hint of luxury and glamour from times past. The focus is on sophisticated craftsmanship and creating sensory stimulus for the skin; whether fashioned into a shirtdress from denim, a silk negligee, a leather biker jacket, or an evening gown with 140 organza blossoms. The materials stimulate contemplation and emotions. One single colour keeps the focus on fabric qualities and silhouettes: in the dark blue of the night we dream and rely more on sensations than sight. Manufactured on state-of-the-art, computer-aided knitting machines the collection’s overall fits like a second skin. Knitted darts, accented with a cable pattern, keep the garment in shape.
What appears to be a loose moss stitch is actually the reverse side of a loop stitch. The “Träume vom Ich” collection embodies fun and discovery, perfection and order, sensuality and economy; inviting us to experience a way of life instead of just clothing.

Jury Statement

Wenke Müller provided a very good interpretation of the theme “New Diversity”. Her collection mingles elegance with athleticism creating a concept with potential for many different combination options. Her image of women is self-confident and modern. Concept and design are skillfull, and a clear commitment to sumptuous materials and traditional craftsmanship. Unfortunately the quality of the documentation is not as high as that of the finished product. — Jury member Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin

Education Diplomate
Burg Giebichenstein – Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle
Prof. Thomas Greis, Prof. Joachim Schielicke

Contact wenkemueller@gmx.de