FASH 2012 Active – Performance Sportswear / 29. January 2012

Hildemieke Vis

Special Mention
European Fashion Award FASH 2012

Running Business

Our desire is not to be just at the top in business but also have a perfect body. Unfortunately, we tend to exercise less and less thanks to work and life happening more and more via the Internet. The women’s collection “Running Business” has the goal to motivate women to integrated exercise into their daily routine. The easiest option is to run or do interval training on the way home. To avoid time-consuming changeover into exercise clothes, the 10-piece collection is suitable for use at the office, yet also works as fully functioning sportswear. Thanks to a special jersey fabric the pantsuit is as comfortable to wear as a tracksuit. The little black dress features an integrated sports bra. All that’s left is to change footwear. The textile design and the silhouette were inspired by the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah.

Jury Statement

Hildemieke Vis provides a new type of aesthetic to the popular sport of running. After all, most of us want to look good while running. The concept’s implementation certainly meets today’s idea of style and level of technology, but would probably be hindered by the issue of odor generation in everyday life. The color concept and selection of garments follows a precise analysis of a routine day at the office. The jury commended the fact that Hildemieke Vis not only designed the fashions, but also a process to incite people to exercise more often.
Mitglied der Jury Stefan Bogner, Geschäftsführer Factor Product, München

Education 7. Semester
University College Falmouth
Jane Gottelier

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