FASH 2011 Attention please!? / 6. February 2011

Alexandra Fenkner

2nd Prize Graduates
European Fashion Award FASH 2011


Thanks to pop culture bling bling, “fast fashion” and its mass production, we begin to once again question the sustainability and value of our apparel. Traditional costumes are a haven against economic and social changes; not just today, but even back around 1900 when traditional costumes began to decline thanks to increasing industrialization. The womenswear collection “Edelweiss” interprets traditional dress elements with the goal to create a harmonious balance between the past and modern times. It is based on traditional Swabian farmers’ dress ca. 1900. Elements used include overlaps, layers, and deconstruction. The silhouette is traditional, the patterns, however, clean and linear. The design integrates traditional details such as plastrons, aprons, and petticoats.

Jury Statement Alexandra Fenkner found a good balance between tradition and modern in her consistent and attractive collection “Edelweiss”. Her traditional costume concept is not intrusive, yet generates a familiar feeling of comfort.
Tobias Gröber, Chairman of Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie, Munich

Education Bachelor
Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin (University of Applied Sciences)
Prof. Claudine Brignot

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