FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Michael Court

1st Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

The Strength of Silence

Electronic gadgets become a shackle; networking becomes an addiction. We are constantly inundated by radio waves and information, noise and dissonance. We live many virtual lives, yet only have one real life. Strict rites of silence – whether tea ceremony, the art of swordplay, or, as shown here, calligraphy – help guide the spirit. Body and soul find structure and energy – they grow; even excel. Inner calmness begins to unfold – though sometimes it begins with a bang. The concept collection “The Strength of Silence” provides space for pure, inner calmness. Sheltered and free of any compulsion. All garments are for men and women. The individual pieces can be combined as desired. They are pure and free of distraction. Black and white.

Jury Reasons Whether fashion, illustrations, or blind contour drawings: Michael Court’s poetic designs enchant at first glance. Though Michael Court worked on his design in the 4th semester, one can already recognize a very strong personality. Michael Court’s answer to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010’s theme of “Privacy” is definitely unique; he trusts his subjective view of the world, and can substantiate and classify it socially. He develops a clear concept, and impresses with high-quality and aesthetic execution: imaginative prints, playful use of volume, or perfect cuts – suitable for men and women alike. Anyone who wears these flowing pieces will instantly understand the meaning of “Privacy”. The voluminous elements are so well designed that an area of instant calm descends on you. Michael Court’s designs have depth, reflecting his cited knowledge of Japanese culture, as well as the courage to deal with a very personal issue. Michael Court wants to infuse new life into fashion without masquerading – and allow the wearer to make his/her own decisions. The quality of all elements – perception, concept, design, tailoring, illustration, language – is absolutely exceptional. Michael Court accomplished something very rare these days: serious, yet natural-appearing fashion. We cannot pay him any higher compliment. — Jury Member Ivonne Fehn, Fashion Director Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Munich

Education 4th Semester
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Contact michael.court@me.com


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FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Birgit Brockbals

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

internal = external

Design begins with perception. For Birgit Brockbals perception begins with questions: Do you have time for me today? Where have all the jobs gone? Is leisure time everything? When does your train leave? Why are people so discontent? Can I withstand the pressure to perform? Is Grandpa feeling better? The collection ”internal = external” breaks through the borders between intimacy and public life, between what we are and what we pretend to be. Deformation of the silhouette creates a new access to one’s counterpart: changeable and versatile; fragile and strong; confident and open for new experiences. The asymmetric silhouettes were modelled on mannequins. Contrasts, such as plastic and crystalline, soft and stable, fabrics such as wool velour, cotton satin, or wool jersey shape the collection’s image and offer a feeling of security. The wearer know she can take chances: internal is the new external.

Jury Statement The very personal questions in Birgit Brockbals’ concept show clearly that she delved deeply into social issues. This strong approach is an important quality; it helps Birgit Brockbals express her themes. Her collection’s visually very strong show piece, reminiscent of a puffy pillow, provides an initial, very conceivable response to the motto of the European Fashion Award FASH 2010, “Privacy”. Yet Birgit Brockbals does not stop with effects. Her designs impress with a compelling interplay of volume, body, and silhouette, as well as with a high degree of creative sensibility. Her collection cleverly keeps the balance intact between spectacular show piece and wearable fashion. The cuts and patterns work on the body, despite all experiments. Shirts and leggings, to be worn in layers under the dresses, allow the wearer to create her own combinations. The photo documentation of the elaborate design and finishing process shows very well how Birgit Brockbals approached her work and developed her concepts step by step. This high degree of craftsmanship is rare in our times. Her colours and materials are well-selected. This personal and professional quality of development applies to all parts of her presentation.Jury member  Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin

Education Bachelor, Akademie Mode & Design , Hamburg
Susanne Müller-Elsner

Contact info@birgitbrockbals.de

Job Since 2011: Own Label „Spectrum“

FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Marieke-Sophie Schmidt

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010


People feel they have to keep up appearances and save face in public. Therefore we accept conformity and follow conventions. Dress codes – whether in a respectable suit, chic evening gown, or casual jeans – further cultivate conformance. Yet, dress codes can also act as armour for privacy. The womenswear collection “Mimikry” features an internal as well as an external side. The business dress offers protection and security. Materials are strong, firm, and rigid. Black represents power, respectability, and anonymity. Integrated armour elements each contain another, private piece of fashion. It can be unfolded at any time. The roomy, soft garments make the wearer feel free, individual, and unconstrained. Blue represents longing and freedom, pink embodies our flashy and excessive side. The truly private part of us is in our heads not worn on our bodies.

Jury Statement Marieke-Sophie Schmidt takes on a cliché that seems to be the golden thread uniting all concepts submitted to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010 with the theme “Privacy”: the strong segregation between the private and public sphere, increasingly considered threatening. Marieke-Sophie Schmidt created a design with impressive stringency. Details, such as a belt acting as armour, and containing private garments at the same time, are remarkable. This armour is reminiscent of protective wear for motorcyclists and designs by Vivienne Westwood at the same time. Marieke-Sophie Schmidt’s young aesthetic fashion is relevant, modern, natural, and has a sense of humour.Jury member Johan Buskqvist, Head of Design Adidas Originals, Herzogenaurach

Education 5th Semester
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (University of the Arts Bremen)
Prof. Kai Lehmann

Contact marieke.schmidt@web.de

FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Selena Regenfelder

Special Mention
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

Born to Blaze

We are free, yet fragile. The digitalization of our everyday life opens up completely new opportunities. At the same time, we are affected by assimilation anxiety caused by globalization, multi-tasking, egomania, and the erosion of morals. Omnipotence is followed by helplessness. The desire for a feeling of sanctuary, safety and security, and genuine values grows. Priorities shift from quantity to quality, from material to immaterial values. The women’s collection “Born to Blaze” wants to kindle a flame to light up the wearer’s personality. Light, as a sign for the energy and power hidden in all of us. The garments are geared to impart security and power, and boost confidence. They help the wearer to express her inner strength. The collection purposely does not use any technical solutions, only luminescent materials. The knit fabric, some of it double-layered and felted, was personally developed and hand-made.

Jury Statement

Selena Regenfelder decided to concentrate on a strong and simple concept for the European Fashion Award FASH 2010 competition, under the motto “Privacy”: fluorescent materials set the wearer’s personality aglow. The strength is in this reduction. The quality of the double-layer knit is impressive. Selena Regenfelder moves beyond designing a look by asking society to change, expressed by her collection “Born to blaze”. This could be the foundation of a movement to create a new type of fashion.Tobias Gröber, Chairman Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie, Munich

Education Bachelor
Kunstuniversität Linz / Schloß Hetzendorf – University for Art and Industrial Design Linz / Fashion Institute Vienna, Austria
Lecturer: Yella Hassel

Contact selena.regenfelder@semiramiss.at

FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

André Filipe Ferreira Amorim

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

Hello, Grandma!

The cultural ability to speak a special language with the help of fashion defines status in today’s society. Everyone under 30 years old tries to look more individual than anyone else – an explosion of perspectives. All has become a part of the fashion community. „The omnipresence of fashion and the uniformity despite all that individualism inspired me to exclude everything trendy from my project. Instead, I took a look into my grandmother’s closet. I found diamond patterns, coarse fabrics, pleated skirts, many aprons and black fringed kerchiefs. In my women’s collection ’Hello, Grandma!’ I combined these conservative elements with the elitist reality. The clothes tell stories like my grandmother’s wrinkled face in the window.”

Jurybegründung “Hello, Grandma!”, the work of André Amorim, is gutsy, fresh, and exciting. He is the only one who deals with the generation gap in his project submitted to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010, entitled “Privacy”. It is touching how André Amorim uses the very personal history of his own grandmother as an inspiration. André Amorim derives progressive, fashionable solutions with new and young details, proportions and patterns. The complicated cuts are impressive when seen on a body as well as on the catwalk. The tailoring is exceptional; accessories such as the shawl perfectly complement the outfits.Jury member Marcel Herrig, Unicut Design Office, Shenzen/China

Ausbildung 8th Semester
Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas de Castelo Branco, Portugal
Dozent: Brigida Ribeiros

Contact andre_amorim86@hotmail.com