FASH 2011 Attention please!? / 6. February 2011

Ioana Ciolacu Miron

2nd Prize Students
European Fashion Award FASH 2011


Reflecting on something is a great way to go within oneself, and at the same time, to better under-stand the exterior world, the world of fashion. This basic idea of the womenswear collection “Muna” is reflected by the egg (Finnish: Muna). It is a symbol for beauty from the inside, and the ideal for the silhouette. Each garment was made from one piece of fabric with almost no cuts. The material was folded according to the principle of Origami and with the help of a Möbius strip turned instead of cut. Since double-faced fabric was used, the yellow side peeks out in a few sections. Even though the dress is short and backless, it offers a feeling of sanctuary. Large pockets are integrated into the pleats, large enough to completely hide the arms. The dress makes you feel good and consequently you also look good.

Jury Statement Ioana Ciolacu Miron wants to point your attention inward. Her very interesting concept accomplishes this very aptly. The exacting and focused collection has substance, was implemented in a consistent manner, and looks excellent on a live person, which is a deciding factor. Qualities, which are rarely observed among students.
Jury Member Torsten Hochstetter, Creative Director O’Neill, Amsterdam

Education 5th Semester
Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti
Prof. Katja Perrey

Contact ioana.ciolacu@yahoo.com