FASH 2020 / 5. July 2021

Margarita Rozhkova

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2020
Category Students

Moiré Physique The collection Moiré Physique explores how a moiré look can be achieved through light and shade, and how digital moiré can potentially serve as camouflage in an age of constant surveillance and threatened privacy. The moiré effect is created by the machine-knitting, weaving and screen printing of Georgette, cotton, and viscose. Two similar screens are overlaid for the moiré, whilst the women’s fashion of the mid-19th century is transferred onto the silhouette of menswear.


Jury’s appraisal Margarita Rozhkova is a virtuoso of materials, creating a small sensation with each and every one, be it knitted, Georgette or mohair. A distinctive, powerful project displaying excellent technical ability and expressing the exceptional maturity of Margarita Rozhkova who already has an MA in American Studies as well as plenty of experience in the working world.
Member of the jury Jenny Capitain, among others Fashion Director Vogue US

Education 6th semester – College of Fine Arts in Berlin / Gast-Prof. Franziska Schreiber, Prof. Lars Paschke

Prize EUR 1,000

Contact margarita.rozhkowa@gmail.com / www.margaritarozhkowa.org

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Margarita-Rozhkova-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Margarita-Rozhkova-print.zip

FASH 2019 / 15. August 2019

Katharina Heinze

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2019
Category Bachelor

Concept Katharina Heinze does not want to impress through loud designs. Rather, it is the thoroughness and accuracy of the design that make up her fashion – here nothing should be left to chance. Fashion theory is an important basis for her. Role models are minimalists like Dieter Rams or Jil Sander.
When it comes to realisation, pattern designs, proportions and high-quality materials are important. Every piece of clothing should become something special and meaningful. Thus, stripes of almost 1000 metres in length were applied to a transparent fabric in the finest handwork on the theme of “curtains”, visualising the interplay between covering and concealing, light and shadow.
The title of her bachelor thesis “Now is not the time for crazy” is a quotation from Miuccia Prada and criticizes the strong adaptation in our society. Fashion and furniture have been created from the same materials and thus merge into a unity. The shape of the clothing can be changed by flexible side seams.


Jury statement Katharina Heinze’s conceptual fashion is powerful, independent and highly aesthetic. Its show an imaginative play with classical elements. The technical and creative implementation is outstanding.

Education Universität der Künste Berlin – University of the Arts Berlin, Prof. Waldemar Kraus

Prize 2,000 euros prize money, mentoring program, media work, material prizes for pattern design by Müller & Sohn.

Contact kat.a.heinze@gmail.com
Instagram: @Katharina.Heinze

Download Web: www.FASH.Berlin/Katharina_Heinze_web.zip
Print: www.FASH.Berlin/Katharina_Heinze_print.zip

FASH 2015 Freedom / 6. July 2015

Kai Gerhardt

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2015
Category Students

The Black Rectangle

The inspiration for the menswear collection “The Black Rectangle” is a woman waiting for a train. At first glance, it appears that she only wears a blanket. When does a blanket, a piece of fabric, turn into a piece of clothing? When is fashion recognized and accepted? Kai Gerhardt braved the unknown dealing with the minimalism in fashion. He seized the freedom to fail, to quit or to fight. He liberated himself from the security of his education, moved away from a Euro-centric image of men. Instead, he searched for diversity in his thinking, heterogeneity in his actions, and versatility in his designs. Design instead of craft: accept new perspectives, research working methods, experiment with materials. It clicked. The result is an eight-piece menswear collection made of cashmere and fine merino wool knit. He purposely selected low-key black as the color, inspiring the discovery of hidden elements.

Jury Statement Kai Gerhardt designed very specific fashion that does not have any connection with a euro-centric male image, yet seems very familiar. The project makes an immediate impression. It distinguishes itself thanks to thoughtful use of materials in addition to an independent design language with a strictly aesthetic system. Yet the deciding element remains invisible to the viewer: the essential liberation from existing thought and working processes necessary to create something this innovative. – Jury Member Michael Sontag, Designer, Berlin

Education 5th Semester – Universität der Künste Berlin – University of the Arts Berlin
Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations, Mentoring program, Mentor: Helge-Christian Schmidt
1,000 Euro prize money

Contact herrgerhardt@googlemail.com / www.herrgerhardt.de

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/kai-gerhardt-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/kai-gerhardt-print.zip

FASH 2015 Freedom / 6. July 2015

Ulf Michael Brauner

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2015
Category Graduates

Auf und davon nach

Wanderlust is not the desire to go on vacation, but the elusive demand to discover something life-changing during a voyage. Just as described by Bruce Chatwin in his travel books. The menswear collection “Auf und davon nach” (“gone to”) is based on such wanderlust during a seven-month voyage from Ghana to Mali to Mauretania. The cultural versatility of Western Africa – colors and scents, its sense of grace and beauty – merges into a dream world of colors. The collection is based on a West African boubou. The generously sized, richly pleated garment is combined with elements of western fashion such as from parkas and coats. The binary coded pattern was hand-embroi¬dered and executed in blue dye. The colors of the collection as well as the hand-woven silk/cashmere fabrics are reminiscent of the horizon of a desert landscape. Footwear made of materials like coconut palm bark complement the collection.

Jury Statement Ulf Michael Brauner’s menswear collection “Auf und davon nach” (“gone to”) is intense, enigmatic and refreshing, extremely energetic and courageous. While traveling throughout Africa Brauner recognized what his native Germany was missing. “Europe no longer motivates me. This world has become too familiar to force my soul to create new designs,” Brauner adapts a quote from the travel journal of philosopher Hermann Kyserling. He plumbed the limits of fashion with his intuition, reacts to his inner ideas of beauty. He succeeded in creating what he wanted: the collection shines. It inflames our imagination, reflects the yearnings of our era. It is rich in covers, materials and production methods. He hand-wove the striped silk/wool fabric on an Ikat loom. Small coconut palm bark segments are used as accents. Ulf Michael Brauner has a visionary talent that will unfold itself in all its richness if he is given the freedom to follow his own individual path. He is a talent that fashion needs to renew itself. – Jury Member Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin

Education Diploma – Universität der Künste Berlin / University of the Arts Berlin
Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen, Prof. Ingeborg Harms, Lars Paschke

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations, Mentoring program, Mentor: Arnold Gevers
2,500 Euro prize money

Contact ulf.m.brauner@gmail.com

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/ulf-michael-brauner-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/ulf-michael-brauner-print.zip

FASH 2013 SEXes / 19. January 2013

Lisa Alessandra Sänger

2nd Price
European Fashion Award FASH 2013

The boy was brightly decorated

It is no longer considered scandalous when women dress like men. On the flipside the boundaries are a tighter; the results should not appear strained. The men’s collection “The boy was brightly decorated” merges and transmutes the ostentatios worlds of hiphop and haute couture. The silhouette is defined by hiphop styling with its square, oversized tops and wide, low-slung pants. Haute couture supplies the materials and techniques, such as gold silk, smocked velve and textures such as quilted and plisseed fabrics. All this contrasts with washed denim. The reinterpretation results in a harmonious synthesis of streetwear and haute couture, rebellion and elegance, grace and aggression. Men and women participate in the female and male aspect, respectively. Fashion changes society.

Jury Statement The Hiphop Couture by Lisa Alessandra Sänger is a very clearly focused, small collection, a feat that only few students succeed in. She took great analytical care in selecting the points of origin, based on her knowledge of fashion history as well as careful observation of the young male target group. She conveyed the aura of Haute Couture into young men’s fashion with fresh proportions in an impressive and subtle manner.
The very appealing and extremely well written documentation provides the reasons for the project and allows outsiders to understand the concept. This is a critical ability for a fashion designer, when it becomes necessary to fight for one’s designs. — Member of the Jury Robb Young, Fashion Journalist and Consultant, London

Education 8. Semester Diplom
University of the Arts Berlin
Prof. Peter Jensen

Contact lisa_saenger@gmx.de

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