FASH 2016 Change / 26. June 2016

Katharina Buczek

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2016
Category Graduates

Bad News

Sometimes reality is not what it seems. Fashion too is moving further and further away from what it used to be. Jean Baudrillard’s theory of hyperreality is the starting point for the theoretical and practical work, which aims to call attention towards the “hype” phenomenon and question the fashion system. Classic menswear designs are made less familiar using inspiration taken from found objects. This 29-piece men’s collection demonstrates the essence of fashion that transcends seasons, trends, and style directions, and in so doing responds to the idea of hyperreality. The combination of natural and synthetic materials represents the interface between tradition and future. Suit trousers meet work wear details, a biker leather jacket shows formal elements, a knitted jumper is blended seamlessly with an artificially coated fabric. Minimalism at first glance—and refinement at second.


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Jury statement Katharina Buczek confidently brings together a range of diverse styles in a coherent men’s collection – an outstanding achievement.
At first glance, the collection looks simple and familiar, but upon second glance, its rich, diverse concept is revealed. She plays with asymmetry and presents new shapes and never-before-seen solutions full of subtle details. Katharina Buczek creates delightful contrasts very skillfully. Her collection is wearable and experimental, simple and interesting, sporty and elegant, modern and timeless, and coherent and multifaceted. A balancing act that very seldom comes together: “high fashion” and very accessible. In short, the collection is as lively as a man’s wardrobe that has grown organically and that contains only his favorite pieces. The richness of these strong individual pieces means this collection can be read in a number of different ways, can speak to a variety of style groups, and that each piece is endlessly combinable. There’s something for everyone.
An intelligent response to our current fragmented age. Katharina Buczek questions the fashion system and creates a new relationship with reality. She brings new and old values together and suggests a future for fashion.
Katharina Buczek’s seasoned ability would be an advantage to many commercial collections seeking to navigate the challenges of today’s fashion world.
The collection was developed through a very structured, precise process of analysis and creative deconstruction and was exceptionally well-documented. The resulting clothing stands out due to its outstanding, well-balanced details, perfect execution and innovative seam lines. Intelligently chosen colors and materials, some of which were made by Katharina herself, let the sophisticated pattern construction really come into its own – an outstanding achievement!
Judging panel member: Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Adviser, H & M, Stockholm

Education Master – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design
Prof. Ann Merete Ohrt

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations,
Mentoring program, Mentor: Helge-Christian Schmidt, Senior Design Manager, Hugo Boss 2.500 Euro prize money

Contact mail@katharinabuczek.com / www.katharinabuczek.com

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/katharina-buczek-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/katharina-buczek-print.zip