FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Selena Regenfelder

Special Mention
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

Born to Blaze

We are free, yet fragile. The digitalization of our everyday life opens up completely new opportunities. At the same time, we are affected by assimilation anxiety caused by globalization, multi-tasking, egomania, and the erosion of morals. Omnipotence is followed by helplessness. The desire for a feeling of sanctuary, safety and security, and genuine values grows. Priorities shift from quantity to quality, from material to immaterial values. The women’s collection “Born to Blaze” wants to kindle a flame to light up the wearer’s personality. Light, as a sign for the energy and power hidden in all of us. The garments are geared to impart security and power, and boost confidence. They help the wearer to express her inner strength. The collection purposely does not use any technical solutions, only luminescent materials. The knit fabric, some of it double-layered and felted, was personally developed and hand-made.

Jury Statement

Selena Regenfelder decided to concentrate on a strong and simple concept for the European Fashion Award FASH 2010 competition, under the motto “Privacy”: fluorescent materials set the wearer’s personality aglow. The strength is in this reduction. The quality of the double-layer knit is impressive. Selena Regenfelder moves beyond designing a look by asking society to change, expressed by her collection “Born to blaze”. This could be the foundation of a movement to create a new type of fashion.Tobias Gröber, Chairman Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie, Munich

Education Bachelor
Kunstuniversität Linz / Schloß Hetzendorf – University for Art and Industrial Design Linz / Fashion Institute Vienna, Austria
Lecturer: Yella Hassel

Contact selena.regenfelder@semiramiss.at