FASH 2022 / 8. September 2022

Viola Schmidt

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2022
Category Undergraduates

Portfolio The “Bad/ bed story” collection is based on material experiments with knitwear, lace, old bed sheets, glue and ruffle techniques. It is inspired by dancing in the club, going home and arriving in one’s own bed. Graffiti stands for possible harassment. The white dress with red graffiti was made on a hand knitting machine and manipulated with glue. The pure white dress can be adjusted by straps.
Inspired by the circus, where the line between reality and illusion blurs, the six outfits “Dreamers Circus” were designed. This contrast is represented by the play of narrow and wide shapes as well as various materials. The dark blazer, for example, is made from deadstock and was accentuated with pink textile paint as well as a playful and detachable ruffle.
Our times are marked by climate change, consumption, covid and other crises. In order to find solutions, a hopeful view of the future is necessary to perceive the scope for action. The women- and menswear collection “Transparent Response” plays with the idea of clarity and uncertainty. It is a reminder to actively shape the future and that for this we need more transparency in the fashion industry to enable more conscious consumption.


Jury’s appraisal
Viola Schmidt impresses with a purposeful creativity and a good limitation of ideas. Despite diverse inspirations and her wide range of excellently implemented techniques, she achieves a very coherent overall picture. Her qualification as a master tailor is evident in the very accurate craftsmanship and the coherent fits. Her beautiful portfolio is very neatly presented and easy to follow, making you want to see more of her work. Qualities that are much needed in the fashion industry.
Member of the jury Mela Bauer, Managing Director Fashionagency Melagence

Education 4th Semester, Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University), Annika Klaas

Prize 1,500 euros prize money, Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine

Contact violanaomi@t-online.de / @violanaomischmidt

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/2022-Viola-Schmidt-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/2022-Viola-Schmidt-print.zip

FASH 2018 / 17. June 2018

Annika Klaas

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2018
Category Students


I like to fathom the formal and technical potential of knitwear for the development and implementation of innovative concepts, whether for new designs – with a subtle interplay of structures and colors – or for shapes, that would not be manufacturable in classic tailoring. Knitting technology offers innovations in the production of knitwear, and computercontrolled knitting machines can reduce human work to a minimum, thus enabling a local production once more, as the Adidas Speedfactory demonstrates. This leads to new possibilities of design, like customization. My ideal is to use this potential for a holistic and sustainable design approach, also in interdisciplinary teams.
My bachelor graduation collection “Slow Curve” is inspired by the interaction of flat forms and bold colours in the work of the artist Ellsworth Kelly. (“Blue over Blue, 1963” or “Blue Red Rocker, 1963”). Besides the shape, I have developed diverse knit structures such as two-toned petinet structures, round shapes realized by goring techniques, graphical intarsia and plated elements and multi-gauge net structures. For the Realisation I programmed the most modern knitting machines. Color contrasts are added by asymmetrical embroideries and facings. Soft wool qualities are contrasted with lustrous silk and viscose elements. The womenswear collection consists of 30 outfits, of which six have been realized. Annika Klaas

Award Ceremony

Jury statement A stringent, stylish and very mature collection, which was manufactured with the most modern knitting technology in excellent quality.

Annika Klaas has designed a very stringent, stylish and modern collection with a clear concept that she communicate very well. The skillfully reduced silhouette and filigree details are convincing. Her small collection goes into depth, especially in her own construction and production of knitwear with the latest knitting technology. A fresh and at the same time very mature, accurate and balanced work with outstanding technical implementation. These qualities are also reflected in her other projects such as the development of a three-dimensional knitted typography, knitted sneakers or a trade fair stand at the Pitti Filati 2016.
Annika Klaas independent creativity comes from her intensive engagement with free art, her experience in costume design and her perception of the beauty of everyday life. Her focused creativity gets to the point, similar to an engineer. She takes on the role of the designer, has a recognizable purposeful way of working, questions constructively. Annika Klaas is already working professionally at a high level on every detail and could breathe new life into classics such as a Punto Milano dress. She creates fashion that is more than a short satisfaction after the purchase.
Annika Klaas knows what she wants: to work for relevant innovations in production and manufacturing, a holistic and sustainable design and thus for an urgently needed renewal of fashion. Already today she succeeds in sharpening her eye for quality, innovation and profundity, thus giving fashion more value and appreciation again.

Education 1st Semester Master, Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University)
Prof. Änna Piel †

Prize Cash prize of 2500 euro, Mentoring Program, Public Relations

Contact annika.klaas@gmail.com
Instagram @annikaklaas

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/annika-klaas-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/annika-klaas-print.zip