FASH 2007 The Fine Art of Travelling / 2. February 2007

Joan Tarragó Papalona

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 20071st Prize
Special Award Fashion Branding 2007

Team Karen Scholz
Joan Tarragó Papalona

Drawellink Places

“Drawellink Places” is an interdisciplinary project between fashion and painting, Berlin and Barcelona, two- and three-dimensional representation.
A very varied and flexible look of a brand has been created using the media of clothing, bags and accessories with potential for additional products and experiences. The concept has its roots in street art and couture. It has been implemented using appropriate techniques. The user is invited to play and personalize with a high degree of poetic force. The bags and the clothing should become part of the wearer and his/her history.
All products can be used in many ways. The all-rounder bag can be large or small, for example. It can be carried on your back, over your shoulder or on the hips. The Office-Picnic-Land bag becomes a mobile workstation in a park. And the Travelart Bag interprets “The fine art of travelling” as a journey through art and provides room for bulky work materials according to the motto of Oskar Schlemmer’s “KiK – Kunst im Koffer” (trans: “Art in a Suitcase”).
“Drawellink Places” is also a plea for discovering, exploring and becoming conscious, in other words, relearning how to see far from standardized pictures and uniform expectations. For Karen Scholz and Joan Tarragó Pampalona, drawing is an answer to the inflation of digital picture worlds. Consequently, the monsters drawn are the focus and center of the project. They are a lot more than decoration; in fact they are animation and become pieces of clothing themselves. The clothes and bags protect and adorn, convey an image and represent a concept of life. Despite all the innovation, they are also suitable for everyday use.

Jury Statement The inspiring work “Drawellink Places” convinces with a comprehensive presentation. The strong idea to transfer the graffiti culture from building walls to clothing and luggage has been implemented consistently with appropriate means. Regardless of whether clothes, bags or accessories, “Drawellink Places” is outstanding in all areas. For example, there is a balance between “loud” clothes, which are very ornamental and graphic (rather for a house party or an art exhibition) and “soft” ones, which only show stylistic references (such as a coat for an elegant dinner). This demonstrates a good example of the variety and flexibility, which is important for a fashion brand. Contrary to other submissions for the special prize of Fashion + Brand (which did not have sufficient substance for an award), this succeeded because the brand idea and not a logo is the focal point. In short words: if you know who you are, you also know you look like.
Additionally, not only the fact that the culture of street art has not only been transferred professionally is outstanding, but also the fact that the cheerful and poetic spirit has been maintained. The clothes invite the user to play and interact, to communicate and personalize. The longer you deal with the products, the more you discover and enter into another world.
Karen Scholz and Joan Tarragó Pampalona are two very skilled designers, who would be perfect to work together with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton for a season.
Jury Member Gion-Men Krügel-Hanna, Senior Designer Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux, Zurich

Education 11th Semester
Facultat Belles Art de Barcelona
Contact IamJoanTarrago@gmail.com