FASH 2022 / 8. September 2022

Viola Schmidt

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2022
Category Undergraduates

Portfolio The “Bad/ bed story” collection is based on material experiments with knitwear, lace, old bed sheets, glue and ruffle techniques. It is inspired by dancing in the club, going home and arriving in one’s own bed. Graffiti stands for possible harassment. The white dress with red graffiti was made on a hand knitting machine and manipulated with glue. The pure white dress can be adjusted by straps.
Inspired by the circus, where the line between reality and illusion blurs, the six outfits “Dreamers Circus” were designed. This contrast is represented by the play of narrow and wide shapes as well as various materials. The dark blazer, for example, is made from deadstock and was accentuated with pink textile paint as well as a playful and detachable ruffle.
Our times are marked by climate change, consumption, covid and other crises. In order to find solutions, a hopeful view of the future is necessary to perceive the scope for action. The women- and menswear collection “Transparent Response” plays with the idea of clarity and uncertainty. It is a reminder to actively shape the future and that for this we need more transparency in the fashion industry to enable more conscious consumption.


Jury’s appraisal
Viola Schmidt impresses with a purposeful creativity and a good limitation of ideas. Despite diverse inspirations and her wide range of excellently implemented techniques, she achieves a very coherent overall picture. Her qualification as a master tailor is evident in the very accurate craftsmanship and the coherent fits. Her beautiful portfolio is very neatly presented and easy to follow, making you want to see more of her work. Qualities that are much needed in the fashion industry.
Member of the jury Mela Bauer, Managing Director Fashionagency Melagence

Education 4th Semester, Hochschule Reutlingen (Reutlingen University), Annika Klaas

Prize 1,500 euros prize money, Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine

Contact violanaomi@t-online.de / @violanaomischmidt

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/2022-Viola-Schmidt-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/2022-Viola-Schmidt-print.zip

FASH 2021 / 5. July 2021

Aylin Tomta

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2021

Hylemorph Identities are fluid moments. The starting point for this final project is Aristotle’s question of how ‘becoming’ is possible in the sense of creation and change. He believed that ‘being’ is created from a compound of form (‘morphe’) and matter (‘hyle’). The collection “Hylemorph” questions the stereotypes and boundaries of gender identities, that is, gender as a social and cultural construct. The strength of fashion lies in its ability to shift meanings. Rather than just man and woman, it offers a diversity of gender identities. With its help, it is possible to cross boundaries in one’s self-expression and explore different nuances. It is a highly relevant everyday form of “doing gender”. And therein lies its queer potential. It has the ability to change our thinking and thus also our society.The starting point for this 20-piece gender-fluid menswear collection are the archetypes of classic men’s fashion and haute couture. In a move to create new forms for suits, culottes, shirts, polo shirts, blousons, coats and trenchcoats, the classic silhouettes are dissolved and implied only by seams, stratified or printed, whilst sections are inserted in pattern pieces. This experiment with the spatial impact of clothing paves the way for completely new perceptions.


Jury’s appraisal
Aylin Tomta has delved into the depths of pattern design to create perfectly crafted and sculpted garments with new details, individual fashion statements and sophistication: stylish, chic and cool! A powerful collection that is full of poetry. It invites the eye to linger and speaks to our emotions. Her exaggerated fashion overcomes tradition to conjure up a completely new and modern male image that is masculine without appearing affected or sliding into crossdressing. Although these are showpieces, they make the wearer feel comfortable and look good. The examination of gender as a social construct is at the heart of this work. Her understanding of fashion moves beyond heteronormative ideas where fashion is all about sexual, that is, heterosexual seduction. The documentation of the creative process and the fashion photos are among the best. It is very rare to encounter such a mature and on-point final project. It is also very pleasing and impressive to see how this extremely talented designer has evolved since winning the European Fashion Award FASH 2017. Again, this is very rare. Paris is calling! Member of the jury Carl Tillessen (Chefanalyst, Deutsches Mode-Institut)

Education Masters – FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Meiken Rau

Prize EUR 2,000

Contact aylin.tomta@googlemail.com / https://werkschau.gestaltung-bielefeld.de/hylemorph

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Aylin-Tomta-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Aylin-Tomta-print.zip

FASH 2020 / 5. July 2021

Erato Fotopoulos

1st Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2020
Category Bachelor

[fi:] The collection [fi:] is an interpretation of the philosophical concept of fluidity. Philosopher Heraclitus coined the term “panta rhei” which describes life as a river: Being is becoming and becoming is being. Age-old definitions become blurred, familiar forms melt away.Archetypes derived from the looks of Acid jazz bands and their freely flowing music, such as Digable Planets, Galliano, and Brand New Heavies, form the foundation of the “static” element of each outfit. This is complemented with a fluid, transformable aspect in which the volumes along the straps can be shifted freely around the body. There is no right or wrong. The clear texture of a classical tartan (digital print on cotton) is distorted by reflective foil or alienated by random bleaching. With the garments in constant motion, the tartan pattern loses its texture and becomes blurred. The thermochromic colour (screen print) reacts to body temperature, changing from petrol when low to neon green as it rises. Depending on the wearer and situation, the colours thus also become fluid.


Jury’s appraisal Erato Fotopoulos creates something that is only rarely achieved: she combines sportswear with the sophistication of fashion. As she experiments with volume and bold prints, she balances the casual with the chic and does so with such virtuosity that it feels entirely natural. Speaking to the emotions, the garments are photogenic and make the wearer feel modern and cool. They are as pleasant and comfortable as pyjamas, yet the wearer looks and feels well dressed. An art reminiscent of designer Haider Ackermann.

Finally, she overcomes gender boundaries without seeming insincere. Despite the sophistication, pieces such as the T-shirts certainly have commercial appeal. A look that is full of personality and is perfectly in tune with lockdowns, loungewear and the urgent need for casual clothing that incorporates new details, individual fashion statements, and sophistication. From the distinctive idea to the outstanding documentation and the innovative cuts, this is an excellent piece of work!  A great talent with huge potential in a strong cohort.
Member of the jury Kristian Schuller, Photographer, Berlin/New York

Education Bachelor – FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences / Prof. Meiken Rau

Prize EUR 2,000


Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Erato-Fotopoulos-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/2021-Erato-Fotopoulos-print.zip

FASH 2017 Get Real / 27. June 2017

Andreas Stang

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2017
Category Students


The deep human desire to look beautiful is the inspiration for the “XO” womenswear collection (XO is a social media greeting for “hugs and kisses”). Andreas Stang uses flashy jewelry and witty exaggeration to express this feeling. The collection is full of contrasts, which push and pull against each other. Thousands of jewelry links and metal chains, all attached by hand, are drawn to each other by a large number of magnets which force the wearer to interact with them. Even more hooks and chains, huge brocade bows, pieces of fabric and faux fur, can be attached to the magnets, allowing the pieces to be interchanged and customized. With this collection, Andreas Stang hopes to inspire wearers to interact as real people rather than only as consumers. XO

 Award Ceremony

Jury statement Andreas Stang’s voluntary study project combines streetwear and elegance, resulting in a large, diverse collection of a casual nature that is still very fashionable. This collection meets the market’s needs for sexy, iconic fashion and casual luxury. The customizability of the collection is also relevant. What makes his work so unique is its solid concept, its fine fits and, especially, the craftsmanship which demonstrates precision and patience.
Beneath all the glitter, there is also a criticism of our society and its many crises. Additionally, it is worth praising the determination and impressive independence Mr. Stang has shown as he embarks on his journey into a life lived for fashion.
Judging panel member: Otto Drögsler, Creative Director at Odeeh

Education 6th semester Master’s – Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Prof. Willemina Hoenderken, Prof. Dr. Andreas Beaugrand

Prize Cash prize of 1000 euro, exhibition, Public Relations, mentoring program, photos by Franco P Tettamanti, work displayed on over 200 premium digital posters byWallDecaux in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich with over 24 million contacts.

Contact a_stang@gmx.de / www.instagram.com/andreas_stang

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/andreas-stang-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/andreas-stang-print.zip

FASH 2017 Get Real / 25. June 2017

Katja Skoppek

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2017
Category Graduates

Die ferne Nähe (So near and yet so far)

Thanks to globalization and international networks, life can now take place in a “placeless space” with an endless stream of work, in many different cities, and with the loved ones far away. So near and yet so far. These changing times stir up a desire for comfort, assurance, simplicity, and contact.
With its classic cuts, high-quality materials, and simple colors, this collection for woman and men offers the wearer comfort and intimacy, protection and belonging. The blending of touch and movement, and fabric and cut creates unique archetypes. Some designs have been embossed on panels of fabric. These subtle clothes give the wearer space to identify with and change them to suit their own style. Many of the designs bring to mind a coat, while others cocoon like a blanket. These are clothes to be seen, touched, and experienced with all the senses. Feel the soft down, smell the midnight blue wool, and hear the rustle of the finely striped poplin – clothing that stirs the emotions.

 Award Ceremony

Jurybegründung Katja Skoppek has translated the “Get Real” theme into a poetic, innovative and meaningful collection. It’s stylish, chic, and cool. It was a walk along the Camino de Santiago that first caused Katja Skoppek to think about the meaning of ‘home’ and to analyze the way we communicate in today’s modern world. “Die ferne Nähe” (So near and yet so far) collection offers comfort and intimacy, protection and belonging. The classic cuts, colors, and patterns assure the wearer that they are well and appropriately dressed. The materials, which are well-chosen and of excellent quality, are extremely pleasing to touch – the clothing is a security blanket for the soul. The collection’s design is expressed using convincing understatement with creative details, with its own unique story and style instead of strict minimalism. By embossing images of the clothing on fabric, Katja Skoppek has created a very unique signature that combines fashion and conceptual art. All of this is tied together with shoes covered in silicone, making for a very modern look. Ms. Skoppek’s work shows both excellent creative strength and solid commercial relevance. Her collection brings back memories. Its familiarity and freedom create a charm that is almost magnetic. People want to touch her clothing, to feel, own, sense, and experience it. The concept, commercial relevance, and exceptional craftsmanship that are all three demonstrated in her broad portfolio are proof of her rare talent. Katja Skoppek is a designer who will be able to breathe new life into the unstable world of fashion.
Judging panel member: Franco P. Tettamanti, fashion and portrait photographer, Paris

Education Master of Arts – Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Prof. Willemina Hoenderken

Prize Cash prize of 1500 euro, exhibition, Public Relations, mentoring program, photos by Franco P Tettamanti, work displayed on over 200 premium digital posters byWallDecaux in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Munich with over 24 million contacts.

Contact mail@katjaskoppek.de / www.katjaskoppek.de

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/katja-skoppek-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/katja-skoppek-print.zip

FASH 2016 Change / 27. June 2016

Aylin Tomta

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2016
Category Students

The Sons of Shiva

The boundaries between art and fashion, countries and cultures, East and West are blurring. A new generation with an international identity is emerging. A new generation like Shiva’s sons. Shiva’s sons belong to India’s Rabari tribe and carry the heat of the East with them. These courageous young men grew up in the West, surrounded by values of innovation, sterile functionalism, and technology. Just as the god Shiva destroyed and recreated the Earth through dance, the marginalized but life-embracing youths of immigrant communities find refuge in hip hop. It gives them strength, courage, and hope.
“The Sons of Shiva”—a men’s collection comprising 8 pieces—illustrates this new spirit of internationalism. Hip hop details are combined with sapphire-blue PVC leather and hand-cut decorative elements taken from the rich culture of India’s Rabari tribe. There are no borders any longer.


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Jury statement Aylin Tomta’s concise collection is a real accomplishment and full of promise. The concept, drawings, execution, patterns and prototype production are excellent.
Her winning project arose from an end-of-term project on fashion collection design. The art forms of futurism and the evidence gathered were analyzed intelligently. Aylin Tomta has interpreted the new and the old, the modern and the traditional, the innovative and the proven, and the cool and the warm capably and with originality. Traditional Indian patterns are balanced effectively with Western streetwear and modern fits. Her modern, fresh designs offer great potential for a commercial collection.
Patterns, cuts and silhouettes were handled with precision and carefully coordinated with one another for a flawless transition at each seam. The pattern on each item of clothing is harmonious and compelling across the collection as a whole. The cut-outs are worked by hand with exceptional precision. Aylin Tomta’s remarkably sensitive craftsmanship is demonstrated in the basting that captures the culture of handcrafted Rabari goods.
Aylin Tomta’s collection has revealed the feelings, views and thoughts of migrants in a fashion context and made a strong statement.
Judging panel member: Joel S. Horwitz, designer, Berlin

Education 4th Semester / Fachhochschule Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
Prof. Kai Dünhölter

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations,
Mentoring program, Mentor: Kim Pöhland-Block, Another Fashion Agency
1.000 Euro prize money

Kontakt aylin.tomta@gmail.com

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/aylin-tomta-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/aylin-tomta-print.zip

FASH 2016 Change / 24. June 2016

Rani Maria Lange

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2016
Category Graduates

Über Funktion

In Germany, functionalism is so important in design, aesthetics and culture, that it is no surprise that functional clothing has become very popular. The 24-piece men’s collection “Über Funktion” (Reflections on Functionalism) questions the principle of “form follows function”. How can fashion and function be reconciled? What type of man wears this clothing? How does it make him feel? What does it say about him?
This elegant collection brings together the desire for more functional clothing and a strong desire for individuality and aesthetics. Functional materials such as waterproof membranes, fleece, and softshell fabrics play a key role in this collection. Highly crafted techniques are demonstrated on pullovers and leggings with quilted details. The collection also features timeless dresses that stand in opposition to a culture of waste.


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Jury statement Customers want functional fashion, but there are currently few options available on the market. Rani Maria Lange’s theme is therefore cleverly chosen, consistently applied, easy to understand and has commercial potential.
The color concept is particularly impressive and was supported by excellent mood boards. The practical execution of the collection is just as outstanding and contains many interesting details, such as zippers in new positions. A deeper examination of existing functional clothing would, however, have been desirable.
Judging panel member: Jutta Kraus, Co-Founder of Bernhard Willhelm, Paris/Los Angeles

Education Master – Fachhochschule Bielefeld
Prof. Kai Dünhölter

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations,
Mentoring program, Mentor: Adrian Sommerauer, Designer, Dorothee Schumacher
1.000 Euro prize money

Kontakt rani.lange@gmail.com / www.ranimarialange.com

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/rani-lange-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/rani-lange-print.zip

FASH 2015 Freedom / 6. July 2015

Lukas Fischer

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2015
Category Graduates

Eine Sequenz

Confused, frightened, euphoric, proud. Surreal worlds are created in our dreams. Our imagination combined with sensory stimulation, constructed by our ego. The menswear collection “Eine Sequenz” (“One Sequence”) is based on the analysis of a dream shortly before final university exams: anxiety caused by pressure to perform. Followed by feeling proud, euphoric and relieved to have reached the goal. These isolated thoughts and liberating feel¬ings were transformed into design processes, integrated into new symbols and transferred onto the body. Lukas Fischer designed 22 pieces in four out¬fits. Fur symbolizes strength, oversized proportions embody one’s childhood, neoprene and taped seams reflect the surf vacation at Italy’s Lago Di Garda.

Jury Statement Lukas Fischer acknowledges his emotions and feelings and conveys them in his collection. He is aware of the current fashion trends such as black, seam sealing, transparency and long silhouettes for men, yet uses his own very individual design language.
His project is of extraordinary quality thanks to carefully selected materials as well as the technically elaborate and high-quality finish, reflecting his studies as fashion tailor. – Jury member Dr. Adelheid Rasche, Curator of Sammlung Modebild – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
(Fashion Image Collection – National Museums in Berlin)

Education Bachelor of Arts / Fachhochschule Bielefeld / University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
Prof. Kai Dünhölter

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations, Mentoring program, Mentor: Mikyong Yeom
1,000 Euro prize money

Contact mail@lukas-fischer.net / www.lukas-fischer.net

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/lukas-fischer-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/lukas-fischer-print.zip

FASH 2011 Attention please!? / 6. February 2011

Stephanie Höcker

1st Prize Students
European Fashion Award FASH 2011

Surreale Momente

Here, the power of the subconscious, dreams, and imagination are the source of the great search for inimitability and individuality. The womenswear collection “Surreale Momente” (“Formed Again”) taps into the space between dream and reality to transcend from the two-dimensional into the third dimension from cut to finished garment. The work is based on a special form of picture puzzle, called anamorphosis. When viewed in a cylindrical mirror the broad, contorted, and elongated proportions of the finished fashions appear as regular sheath dress, coat, or sweatshirt.

Jury Statement Stephanie Höcker plays with expectations and questions personal willingness to fulfil them. Do I really need to cater to my environment? What is the public image, what is the self-image? Which one is actually genuine? The jury appreciated the inclusion of the unexpected, uncontrollable, trust in one’s own intuition and personality. Her courageous and clear concept as well as its clean and extremely consistent transformation into a harmonious collection was impressive. The craftsmanship is excellent as well – from the innovative concept to the development of new patterns, to details such as buttons. A project, which allows many associations without being arbitrary. Exciting and inspiring! And finally, her collection can be seen as a commentary on today’s fashion, turning on its own axis so quickly it causes a distorted image.
Jury Member Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin

Education 4th Semester
Fachhochschule Bielefeld (University of Applied Sciences)
Prof. Kai Dünhölter

Contact steffi.hoecker@googlemail.com