FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

André Filipe Ferreira Amorim

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

Hello, Grandma!

The cultural ability to speak a special language with the help of fashion defines status in today’s society. Everyone under 30 years old tries to look more individual than anyone else – an explosion of perspectives. All has become a part of the fashion community. „The omnipresence of fashion and the uniformity despite all that individualism inspired me to exclude everything trendy from my project. Instead, I took a look into my grandmother’s closet. I found diamond patterns, coarse fabrics, pleated skirts, many aprons and black fringed kerchiefs. In my women’s collection ’Hello, Grandma!’ I combined these conservative elements with the elitist reality. The clothes tell stories like my grandmother’s wrinkled face in the window.”

Jurybegründung “Hello, Grandma!”, the work of André Amorim, is gutsy, fresh, and exciting. He is the only one who deals with the generation gap in his project submitted to the European Fashion Award FASH 2010, entitled “Privacy”. It is touching how André Amorim uses the very personal history of his own grandmother as an inspiration. André Amorim derives progressive, fashionable solutions with new and young details, proportions and patterns. The complicated cuts are impressive when seen on a body as well as on the catwalk. The tailoring is exceptional; accessories such as the shawl perfectly complement the outfits.Jury member Marcel Herrig, Unicut Design Office, Shenzen/China

Ausbildung 8th Semester
Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas de Castelo Branco, Portugal
Dozent: Brigida Ribeiros

Contact andre_amorim86@hotmail.com