FASH 2013 SEXes / 19. January 2013

Florian Wowretzko

Special Mention
European Fashion Award FASH 2013

Transform Agianst Norm

The norm is what we know, accept, and understand. The result is stereotyping, industrial monotomy and the lack of role models for a new male image. The men’s collection “Transform gegen Norm” (Transform Against Norm) wants to shatter this notion. To do so, Florian Wowretzko falls back on traditional men’s fashion like quilted textures, tunics, togas or caftans. The skirt, executed in garments like oversized t-shirts, enlongates the upper body and thus emphasizes the ideal V-shape of the male torso. Zippers, removable collars or arms provide many options to modify the four outfits. The all black collection was made with waxed denim and twill, combined with jersey, batiste and chiffon. What is considered feminine becomes masculine.

Jury Statement Florian Wowretzko’s project brims over with strength and energy. The fantastic jacket is a powerful statement thanks to its strong details and its aggressive yet elegant appearance. Everyone wants to try it on and is surprised by its wear comfort. Even though the look is not unfamiliar Florian Wowretzko found a unique solution and a new silhouette, and implemented it with the help of good tailoring. In addition, it reflects his extraordinary flair for proportions and materials. His documentation further shows his high level of creativity. He offers meaningful fashion illustrations as well as a variety of thoughts. The jury hopes that doors will open for Florian Wowretzko, to allow him to further develop and expand his potential.— Member of the Jury: Marcel Herrig, Unicut Design Limited, Shenzhen, China

Education Final project
Berufsfachschule für Mode, Brigitte Kehrer / Training College for Fashion
Eckehard Gersting

Contact info@florian-wowretzko.com

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