FASH 2018 / 16. June 2018

Maria Presser

1st Preis
European Fashion Award – FASH 2018
Category Graduates


Maria Presser: “Don’t be a square” is the slogan of my menswear collection “The Bonnie Situation”. The outfits play with the expectations of the viewer in order to encourage a more sophisticated perception of fashion beyond stereotypes. Postmodern stylistic devices such as deconstruction based on the model of literary examples are translated into a fashion context: Preppy style and high-visibility workwear meet and merge as two hierarchically opposing genres. Other design elements are quotes and allusions, overdrafts and surprise effects such as new combinations of various patterns. The collection thrives on this “intertextuality” and thus ties in with the work of cult director Quentin Tarantino, whose movies such as “Pulp Fiction” (1994) became prototypes of postmodern film aesthetics. The intensive study of the arts and socio-cultural contexts is an important part of my work on modern, sophisticated and progressive menswear. I strive for the deconstruction of oppositions such as conceptual and commercial in the fashion industry, a novel form of reception and review of fashion and a further development in the self-image of the fashion designer.

 Award Ceremony

Jury statement A very harmonious balance between streetwear and business fashion at a high professional level.

With the combination of two supposedly opposing genres, Maria Presser designed an ironic and mature dialogue between trendy streetwear and traditional business fashion. Dressed, it immediately looks cool, natural and discreetly refined.
The theme of “deconstruction” has been cleverly chosen, argued and presented. The cut is new and creative, the manufacturing is impeccable. The unstructured garment impresses with its very good fit, casualness and excellent wearing comfort. The multi-faceted implementation convinces with playfully light but consistent approaches. The subtle choice of colors and fabrics also shows that men can be fashion-conscious without immediately being perceived as fashion victim.
Maria Presser has her own signature, the ability to make decisions, is willing to perform and clearly wants to work on herself. In her bachelor collection she has found a very mature balance on a high professional level. The work challenges us to re-evaluate what we know and thus fits in with the times. This is how Maria Presser succeeds in achieving her goal: To sharpen the view of viewers and wearers of meaningful fashion, quality and innovation. It thus also offers the frozen clothing industry important impulses to find a way into the 21st century.

Education Bachelor, AMD – Akademie Mode & Design, Berlin
Prof. Antje Drinkuth

Prize Cash prize of 2500 euro, Mentoring Program, Public Relations

Contact maria@presser-architekten.de
Instagram @mariapresser

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/maria-presser-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/maria-pressers-print.zip

FASH 2017 Get Real / 24. June 2017

Livia Honus

3rd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2017
Category Graduates

Face to Face

The unisex “Face to Face” collection is a colorful and fun take on self-image. The image of the self has been idealized since ancient times, but selfies have become a global mass phenomenon – a balancing act between authenticity, presentation, and idealization. In a never-ending stream of narcissistic, exhibitionist, unusual images, faces become masks and facial expressions become codes. This collection incorporating denim, velvet, jersey, and mesh seeks to raise our awareness of the person sitting opposite us and give us the courage to look them in the face. The collection also plays with exaggeration and larger-than-life images: colossal eyes and emojis made from portraits of the designer are used to create bold prints and appliqué. The inspiration for one design comes from Andy Warhol’s camouflage self-portrait. The figure-hugging silhouettes are inspired by the look of video game avatars, creating a stronger, more self-confident personality that gives the wearer the courage to show their true face.

 Award Ceremony

Jury statement Livia Honus combines clever observation of society with an original idea to create a balanced collection combining street art and fashion in excellent style. Her approach is clever and focused – not once does it slip into the realm of cartoons. This young collection is modern and in tune with the current zeitgeist; every item can be worn separately as well. The theory, project documentation, color choices, fits, and workmanship are all excellent.
Judging panel member: Claudia Braun, Head of Color & Trim, Mercedes-Benz

Education Bachelors – AMD Akademie Mode & Design (AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, Germany), Prof. Tamotsu Kondo

Prize Cash prize of 1000 euro, exhibition, Public Relations, mentoring program, photos by Franco P Tettamanti, work displayed on over 200 premium digital posters byWallDecaux in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich with over 24 million contacts.

Contact contact@liviahonus.de / www.liviahonus.de

Download Web: www.sdbi.de/download/livia-honus-web.zip
Print: www.sdbi.de/download/livia-honus-print.zip

FASH 2010 Privacy / 7. February 2010

Birgit Brockbals

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award FASH 2010

internal = external

Design begins with perception. For Birgit Brockbals perception begins with questions: Do you have time for me today? Where have all the jobs gone? Is leisure time everything? When does your train leave? Why are people so discontent? Can I withstand the pressure to perform? Is Grandpa feeling better? The collection ”internal = external” breaks through the borders between intimacy and public life, between what we are and what we pretend to be. Deformation of the silhouette creates a new access to one’s counterpart: changeable and versatile; fragile and strong; confident and open for new experiences. The asymmetric silhouettes were modelled on mannequins. Contrasts, such as plastic and crystalline, soft and stable, fabrics such as wool velour, cotton satin, or wool jersey shape the collection’s image and offer a feeling of security. The wearer know she can take chances: internal is the new external.

Jury Statement The very personal questions in Birgit Brockbals’ concept show clearly that she delved deeply into social issues. This strong approach is an important quality; it helps Birgit Brockbals express her themes. Her collection’s visually very strong show piece, reminiscent of a puffy pillow, provides an initial, very conceivable response to the motto of the European Fashion Award FASH 2010, “Privacy”. Yet Birgit Brockbals does not stop with effects. Her designs impress with a compelling interplay of volume, body, and silhouette, as well as with a high degree of creative sensibility. Her collection cleverly keeps the balance intact between spectacular show piece and wearable fashion. The cuts and patterns work on the body, despite all experiments. Shirts and leggings, to be worn in layers under the dresses, allow the wearer to create her own combinations. The photo documentation of the elaborate design and finishing process shows very well how Birgit Brockbals approached her work and developed her concepts step by step. This high degree of craftsmanship is rare in our times. Her colours and materials are well-selected. This personal and professional quality of development applies to all parts of her presentation.Jury member  Joachim Schirrmacher, Creative Consultant, Berlin

Education Bachelor, Akademie Mode & Design , Hamburg
Susanne Müller-Elsner

Contact info@birgitbrockbals.de

Job Since 2011: Own Label „Spectrum“