FASH 2016 Change / 27. June 2016

Julian Weth

2nd Prize
European Fashion Award – FASH 2016
Category Students


The catastrophic effects of the financial crisis and the wars against IS and in Ukraine form the starting point for “Ungehorsam” (Disobedience), a 13-piece men’s collection. This collection seeks to question how people behave in systems and the consequences of blind disobedience. The title comes from Oscar Wilde, who wrote: “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue.”
Decommissioned military clothing was deconstructed and interpreted using new silhouettes and materials including mesh, jersey, and wool fabrics—a procedure called “upcycling”. These overalls are reimagined with the dropped crotch of jodphur trousers and with newly constructed sleeves. New surfaces are also achieved using waterproofing, a variety of washes and abrasion with sandpaper and rotary tools. The urban look is topped off with baseball caps paired with silk scarves and sneakers.


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Jury statement With his “Ungehorsam” (Disobedience) end-of-term project, Julian Weth has successfully introduced an element of social commentary into an impressive collection. Questioning norms is one of the driving forces of fashion. Pop stars such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the Sex Pistols; subcultures like the hippie and punk movements; or fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent come to mind.
Julian Weth has created a relevant collection from decommissioned military uniforms and equipment parts. The collection is brought to life through new interpretations of fit, interesting workmanship, and by making old materials less familiar while combining them with new ones in a process of “upcycling”.
The workshop, draping and working directly on the mannequin were important. The work is well argued and documented in an attractive way. Julian Weth’s willingness to learn and to develop his potential is also commendable.
Judging panel member: Michael Sontag, designer, Berlin

Education 7th Semester – Akademie JAK, Hamburg
Heike Winhold,Tobias Jopp

Prize Photo shoot with Franco P. Tettamanti, catalogue, exhibition, media relations,
Mentoring program, Mentor: Alana Weißenberger, Senior Designer Adidas
1.500 Euro prize money

Contact julian.weth@googlemail.com / www.julian-weth.com

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Print: www.sdbi.de/download/julian-weth-print.zip